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Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

DONGYI ARTIFICIAL PLANTS CO., LIMITED as known as DYArtificial® is one of the leading artificial plants manufacturers in China. If you are looking for a directly Artificial Wedding Trees Manufacturer factory in China, we can be your BEST choice.

Our wedding decoration series are mainly divided into Artificial Wedding Trees, Centerpieces Trees(Wedding Table Trees). Wisteria Trees, Wedding Dry Trees, Customized Flower Walls, Flower Carpets and Flower Arch.

Among all the products, Artificial Cherry Trees are undoubtedly the most popular. In a grand and dreamy wedding scene, the highly anticipated bride and groom embraced each other under the huge romantic cherry blossom tree over 4 meters high. The cherry blossom tree made by DYArtificial® is especially popular in white and pink, and the size is at least 3 meters to look more beautiful.

For small wedding trees, we usually call them Centerpieces Tree or Wedding Table Tree, because they are mainly placed in the center of the wedding table, and the size is best no more than 2 meters. DYArtificial® works with many professional wedding planners from the UK, France, USA and other countries and exports a large number of wedding table trees every year. We also have our own professional design team, which can always provide the most suitable Artificial Wedding Table Trees for your wedding business.

And the Wedding Flower Wall is more used to attract visitors’ eyes, placed at the entrance or a conspicuous position to stay for a group photo. DYArtificial® is professional in the design, production and manufacture of Artificial Wedding Flower Wall, our flower wall is not only suitable for indoor weddings, but also can be UV Protection, Waterproof or Fire Retardant.

Whether you are a wedding planner, a Wedding Items Rental Company or a personal wedding user. We all hope to be your best Wedding Decoration Trees and Plants supplier in China.