Commercial Fire Retardant Fake Plants

Affordable commercial fire retardant artificial plants! Quality bulk selection for fake commercial plants for your project decoration needs!

Fire Retardant.

Why You Need Fire-Retardant Artificial Plants for Commercial Buildings

Flame-retardant artificial plants and trees are suitable for any commercial project where fire safety is a requirement. They help to reduce security concerns, lower facility costs, and enable office buildings and facilities to meet fire code requirements. 


DYartificial offers commercial artificial trees that have inherently fire retardant (IFR) components blended into the fabric during the production process. Our fire retardant fake plants are safer and more effective than plants and trees sprayed with fire retardants.

Commercial Artificial Plants fire retardant

High Productivity.

Types of Fire-Retardant Artificial Plants Offered by DYartificial

DYartificial has a large selection of commercial-grade artificial plants that are fire-resistant. We construct strikingly beautiful commercial faux plants that adorn many government buildings, corporate offices, conference rooms, and lobbies.

Flame Retardant Artificial Hedges

Flame Retardant Artificial Hedges

Our fire-retardant hedge plants are used by commercial clients to establish exterior boundaries and walkways. They are very realistic, beautiful, and also very durable.
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Flame Retardant Artificial Green Walls

Flame Retardant Artificial Green Walls

We combine fire-retardant plants, flowers, and grasses to create exquisite fake green walls. Our artificial wall displays are used for artistic purposes, and to provide signages.

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Flame Retardant Artificial Topiary Animal

Flame Retardant Artificial Topiary Animal

We supply artificial topiary animals in various shapes and designs, including oversized, dramatic, and abstract shapes. Our fire-retardant fake plants make creative attractions in theme parks, airports, and casinos.
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Flame Retardant Artificial Trees

Flame Retardant Artificial Trees

Artificial trees offer most of the same benefits as their living counterparts. These commercial fake plants have gorgeous aesthetics and give a distinctive look to indoor or outdoor spaces.
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Flame Retardant Artificial Foliage

Flame Retardant Artificial Foliage

Artificial foliage is often used to adorn office cubicles or add intrigue to art installations. Our fire-retardant artificial foliage is perfect for the greening of commercial buildings.
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Features of Our Fire-Retardant Commercial Faux Plants

DYartificial delivers commercial outdoor artificial plants crafted using our cutting-edge technology and combining natural and synthetic materials. These commercial faux plants have outstanding features, making them appropriate for commercial spaces.

2 Years Fire-Retardant Warranty

Without any man-made destruction, our fire-retardant artificial foliage retains its properties with high efficacy for 2 years.

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic

Using imported natural and synthetic production materials, we create products that look extremely realistic even with low maintenance.

artificial green wall panels with uv and fire resistant technology

Highly Realistic-Looking

 We use 100% new sustainable fabrics for production. Our artificial plants for commercial buildings are recyclable and can be repurposed for other functions.

Compliant With Fire Code Requirements

Our artificial plants comply with several fire code regulations, including BS 476, California Title 19, US GOV SIN 4722-06, and US GOV SIN-494-4.

Flame-Retardant Artificial Plants Test Made for DYartificial

fire rest for Dongyi outdoor artificial plants

Each of DYartificial’s commercial artificial plants complies with the most stringent fire code regulations worldwide. Here are some of the standards that we comply with:

  • BS 476: Part 6 & 7 & Class 0
  • California Title 19
  • US GOV SIN 4722-06
  • US GOV SIN-494-4
  • CAN/ULC S109 Small & Large Scale
  • ASTM E84-95 Class A
  • NFPA 701 1989, 1996, & 1999 Small Scale
  • NFPA 705 1997 Field Flame Test
  • Use Reliable Fire Retardant Technology For Commercial Artificial Plants

    DYartificial is an artificial plants supplier committed to providing clients with safe, high-quality flame-retardant wholesale artificial plants that meet all state and federal fire regulations. 

    During the manufacturing process, we infuse the foliage material with fire retardant chemicals at a molecular level, blending the chemicals with other components before injecting them into the mold.

    Unlike topically treated artificial plants, the fire-resistant ability of our commercial artificial trees remains consistent across the entire plants. This is why our commercial artificial plants and trees do not sustain fire when removed from a flame, preventing the growth and spread of fire.

    Custom Commercial Outdoor Artificial Plants and Trees

    Our fire-retardant fake plants easily beautify any commercial property. With the help of our experienced team, you can create your
    fire-retardant fake plant product line to meet certain specifications.
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    Applications of DYartificial Commercial Faux Plants

    DYartificial commercial artificial garden plants, trees, and foliage are a great choice for architects, interior and exterior designers, and landscapers looking to add a special, evocative touch to any business project.

    Restaurant and Hotel Decoration

    Restaurant and Hotel Decoration

    Our lush, long-lasting, and fire-retardant trees and plants bring exotic floral arrangements to restaurants, hotel rooms, lobbies, and exterior areas.

    Office and Commercial Decoration

    Office and Commercial Decoration

    We supply attractive plants that conform to commercial surroundings and designs. These commercial fake plants help to bring nature closer to official premises.

    Government Office Buildings

    Government Office Buildings

    Plantscapes are essential in the workplace environment as they affect employee morale. Our commericial realistic plants help to improve the productivity of workers.

    Shopping Centers

    Shopping Centers

    Our fire-retardant artificial foliage catches the attention of consumers in shopping centers, engaging them in an awesome way.

    Schools and Universities

    Schools and Universities

    Thanks to our wide selection of high-quality commercial faux plants, realistic gardens or landscapes are artificially designed to beautify university grounds.



    DYartificial’s artificial plants and fake green leaves in bulk are used to brighten up outdoor and indoor sections of airports.

    Why Choose Us To Get FR Artificial Plants For
    Commercial Buildings

    DYartificial is one of the leading artificial tree manufacturers in China. Our fire-retardant fake plants are certified to provide a soothing, safe, and natural-looking environment.

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    Wide Custom Options

    Customize your commercial artificial plants line to conform to your size, trunk shape, thickness, and planter types specifications.

    Group 42

    Use Imported Raw Materials

    Our fire retardant and anti-ultraviolet fabrics are imported from reliable international suppliers. These materials are mixed in the plants manufacturing process, rather than spray Fire-resistant material.

    Group 43

    Strict Quality Control

    Our materials undergo several inspection stages and quality assurance tests to ensure compliance with international standards, including SGS, Sedex, and BSCI, among others.

    Group 44

    Production capacity

    We have a 20,000 sqm factory area and many advanced equipment, enabling us to produce over 12,000 commercial outdoor fake plants monthly.

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    Premium Service

    In addition to supplying fire-retardant plants within a short period, we have representatives that reply to your inquiries and queries within an hour.

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    Strong Packing

    Our expert loaders pack your products professionally using five-layered compression-resistant cartons. We make sure your order is secure and you have more container space for additional products.

    Global Quality Standards.

    How Fire-Retardant Fake Plants Are Made By DYartificial

    Artificial plants and trees can be made fire retardant by:

    • Including fire-retardant additives in the manufacturing process. 
    • Surface application through spraying or dipping


    DYartificial’s commercial fake plants are manufactured with fire-retardant materials. This is the best option with many benefits, including consistent fire-resistant ability across the entire plant or tree. After being exposed to wind and rain, DYartificial FR fake plants will not lose its fireproof performance and fade, which can last for 2 years.

     We do not spray or dip as fire-retardant chemicals will eventually wash off and lose effectiveness.


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