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Upgrade your decoration with our artificial vertical garden! The best manufacturer for business operations. Low maintenance for cost saving!

Fire Retardant.

Trusted Artificial Vertical Garden Manufacturer in China

DYartificial is a renowned China based manufacturer and supplier of artificial garden plants. Established in 1998, we’ve been offering the best and up-to-date vertical garden solutions. Composed in our DNA is deep respect and love for nature, hence we always strive to integrate sustainability in our production.

As a global China artificial plant company, we export to over 50 countries, providing ultra-realistic fake garden plants that look exactly like their real counterparts. They are designed to be elegant and capable of withstanding any weather condition.

colorful fake vertical garden plants

UV Protected & Waterproof.

Signature Artificial Garden Wall

DYartificial premier line of wholesale fake plant and artificial garden wall are the perfect suit for your business and your customers. 

fake vertical garden plants

Our vertical garden artificial plants are produced in-house in our 20,000m2 factory that’s fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which enable us to customize them to the specifications of your target audience. All our plastic garden plants are created in accordance with industry regulatory standards.

  • Certified UV Exposure ISO 4892-3:2013, ISO 105-A02:1993, Cor 2:2005, and Fire Retardant EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
  • Bespoke Design
  • Simple to assemble and install
  • Enchanting organic look
  • Splash of vibrant greenery tone


Fake Plants for Artificial Vertical Garden Are Available

As a professional and versatile artificial vertical garden manufacturer, we offer a broad range of garden artificial plants that contribute to the botanical appearance of the whole space.

Fake Garden Hedges

Fake Garden Hedges

Our realistic fake garden hedges offer a low-maintenance alternative to traditional live hedges. Perfect for privacy, they are constructed to be strong, UV-resistant and waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor uses.
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Artificial Garden Walls

Artificial Garden Walls

Create a stunning feature wall with our artificial garden wall. They are customizable and easy to install, making them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor settings.
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Artificial Garden Hanging Plants

Artificial Garden Hanging Plants

Our artificial hanging plants and fake vines in bulk are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to garden decoration. They are low-maintenance and long-lasting, making them a great choice for garden.

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Artificial Garden Trees

Artificial Garden Trees

DYartificial fake garden trees offer a natural look without any upkeep. They are available in various sizes, trunk shapes, thickness, etc., making them suitable for any setting (indoors or outdoors).
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Garden Topiary Animals

Garden Topiary Animals

Our garden topiary animals add a touch of whimsy to any space. Available in various shapes and sizes, they are ideal for gardens, as well as patios and other outdoor applications.
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Benefits of Our Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plant For Garden

Our wholesale artificial trees and other plants for garden are composed of exceptional intrinsic properties, which makes them provide so many benefits that sets us apart from other artificial vertical garden manufacturers.


DYartificial fake garden plants are made with quality materials and designed to look like real plants. They are botanically accurate and natural-looking.

UV-Resistant & Fire-Retardant

During production, the raw materials are mixed with anti-UV and dire-retardant elements, which makes them resistant to sun, fire, wind, and rain.

100% New PE Material

Unlike other artificial vertical garden manufacturers that use recycled PE materials, each of our indoor and outdoor artificial vertical garden walls is made of 100% new PE materials.

outdoor artificial vertical garden plants

Environmental Protection

We use eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing procedures that are conducive for the well-being of the environment. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our artificial vertical garden walls are created to be capable of absorbing noise, making the garden a quiet place to relax.

No Maintenance

Besides being inexpensive, the faux garden plants require no extra cost or time for maintenance. No pruning, watering, fertilizers, etc., yet they remain vibrant for years to come.

Custom Fake Plants for Artificial Vertical Garden

As an experienced manufacturer of artificial vertical garden, we listen to the demands of each client, carry out a detailed
analysis of the requirements, and then we implement creative ideas to give life to the garden.
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Global Quality Standards.

UV-Resistant and Fire-Retardant Artificial Vertical Green Wall

durable fake vertical garden plants
DYartificial is a professional, dedicated, and reliable artificial vertical garden manufacturer that’s focused on providing you with the best products, hence why we make artificial garden plants capable of withstanding sun and fire.

Other artificial vertical garden manufacturers spray the anti-UV and fire-retardant elements on them, but they end up being washed away with rain or wind. At DYartificial, we mix the elements with the raw materials during production, which makes them innate with the materials and can’t be washed away by any means. With this, they won’t fade for 3 years and would be resistant to flame for 2 years in the environment of wind and rain.

Why Choose DYartificial as Your Vertical Garden Manufacturer

With more than two decades of experience and unmatched technical know-how, we remain a leading fake plants and artificial trees supplier to fulfill your fake vertical garden plants demands, and support your business success.

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Wide custom options

We have a full customization option available for you. The artificial garden plants can be custom-made in any size, trunk shape, thickness, and for various applications.

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Strict Quality Control

Starting from the acquisition of raw materials to the final stage of production, we implement several inspection processes such as fire tests to ensure 100% quality. Our plastic garden plants are BSCI, Sedex, and SGS certificated.

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Imported Fire-Retardant and UV Material

Using 100% new premium materials, our raw materials are fire-retardant and UV protected and are sourced from reliable suppliers. There is no need to worry about our fake garden plants will fade or firing when exposed to sunlight.

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Production capacity

Having a large manufacturing factory, 4 production lines, and a team of experienced experts, within 40 days, your fake garden plants order will be completed.

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Premium Service

We provide you with unrivaled 24/7 customer service. Dedicated to your brand success, our experts are always available to share marketing advice and resources for plastic garden plants with you, as well as answer your questions and inquiries.

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Strong Packing

While other artificial vertical garden suppliers use 3 cartons for packaging, we use 5 PLY brown compression-resistant cartons to prevent damage during transit. The artificial garden plants are loaded to create about 3-5 sqm space for more products.


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