Artificial Flowers and Trees for Wedding

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Why Fake Flower Wall and Artificial Trees for Wedding

Artificial wedding plants are custom-made to be exceptionally beautiful. They can be customized based on the wedding theme or color scheme, which creates stunning backdrops of photos and the event. Also, they can be personalized like inscriptions of the couples’ names.

At DYartificial, we provide wholesale fake plants used at weddings to make the ceremony more glamorous and eventful. Our artificial flowers for wall decoration are designed to showcase love and create a romantic atmosphere.

white artificial trees for wedding

High Productivity.

Types of Artificial Flower Walls & Artificial Trees Offered by DYArtificial

As a professional and versatile artificial flower wall backdrop and fake flower arch manufacturer, we offer a wide range of China artificial plants that are ultra-realistic and colorful. They are made to enhance the beauty of the wedding environment.

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Artificial Trees for Wedding

We make all kinds of artificial blossom trees for weddings that add a touch of nature and elegance to the ceremony. They create a beautiful backdrop for photos and elevate the overall ambiance of the wedding venue.

Artificial Flowers Wall for Wedding

Artificial flower wall décor for weddings is a stunning and versatile style that can be used at the altar, reception, or for photos. This concept offers endless decoration possibilities and can be customized to match any wedding setup.
fake wedding flower wall
artificial wedding flower arch

Fake Flower Arch for Wedding

Our faux flower arch for weddings is a classic and romantic addition, as it serves as a beautiful focal point for the bride and groom during their vows. Customization can be made in various styles and colors to blend with any wedding theme.

Custom Artificial Flower Panels and Fake Trees for Weddings

We offer endless design possibilities of artificial flower wall panels and fake wedding trees, as they can be customized in various
sizes, trunk shapes, thickness, and colors.


At DYartificial, you can get any size of silk flower arch and artificial tree for wedding. The sizes could be tiny, small, large, or any peculiarities you want.


The flowers and fake tall trees for weddings can be custom-made to have varying densities of leaves and branches. While some can be made to be fully bushy, others are spacious.
custom artificial flower panels and fake trees for weddings (2)

Trunk Shape

The trunk of our fake trees, including artificial rose tree for weddings can be formed to be in any shape. This could be patterned according to the décor of the space.

Leaves Colors

The color of the flowers and trees like white artificial trees for weddings, affect the overall decoration. Contact us to choose the leaves colors.

Global Quality Standards.

Features of Our Artificial Flower Backdrop &
Artificial Trees for Wedding

As a global leading fake flowers and artificial trees manufacturer, our fake products for wedding decoration are skillfully crafted to
be exceptional. They are composed of great intrinsic properties that result in mouth-watering benefits.

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artificial flower backdrop & artificial trees for wedding (1)
artificial tree wedding decoration

Why Choose US to Get Fake Flower Wall Decor
& Fake Trees for Weddings

Established in 1998 and exporting to over 50 countries, we’ve garnered unmatched experience and study of different market demands for wedding artificial plants. With our unbeatable technical know-how, we manufacture the best wholesale artificial trees and flowers for weddings that suit your customers and promote your business.

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Wide custom options

At DYartificial, we offer a full package custom option for wedding faux flower walls and trees to choose from. Various sizes, trunk shapes, thickness, and colors are available.

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Use imported Raw Materials

Sourcing our materials from top-rated suppliers with a track record of quality delivery, we make the artificial trees for weddings to high-class.

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Strict Quality Control

At every stage of production, various inspection processes are carried out to ensure that the fake trees for weddings don’t have any defects. BSCI, Sedex, and SGS are only some of our certificates.

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Production capacity

With our 20,000m² factory, 4 production lines, and a team of experts, we are capable of meeting your small and bulk artificial wedding plants order within the shortest time frame.

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Premium Service

We are available 24/7 to help you with any assistance required. Our experienced staff work round-the-clock to respond to your inquiries and questions about plastic flower wall decor and wedding trees within the hour.

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Strong Packing

While other suppliers use 3-layers of cartons for packaging, we use 5-layers of compression-resistant cartons that prevent damage during transportation. And there is about 3-5 sqm space available for more wedding decorations.


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