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Potted Orchids

Dongyi Artificial Plants CO., LTD is a Leading Artificial Trees and Plants factory, manufacturer, supplier in China. Orchid Phalaenopsis is undoubtedly one of the best-selling Artificial Plants in export business. Whether it is single branch phalaenopsis or with nice potted, DYArtificial® export a huge quantity of Orchid Phalaenopsis to Europe, the United States, Australia and other 50+ countries.
If you plan to import Potted Orchids from China, we are sure that we will be your best choice!

At DYArtificial®, we have an independent and complete production line of Phalaenopsis orchids. From product development and design, mold making of phalaenopsis flowers and stems, to production, testing, packaging and shipping. Until our goods arrive at your warehouse, the whole process is done in our self-built factory in Dongguan, China.
Each Phalaenopsis orchid is designed by our experienced designers, most of the flowers are silk-polyester blend, admirable beauty and never wilt.

We are a leader in the production of Phalaenopsis orchids because our orchid flowers incorporate 3D printing technology, using ultra-high quality silk-polyester blend materials (Real Touch). This makes the final product so realistic that whether you look at it from a distance or touch it, you will be amazed that it seems to be a real plants.

We also have nice pots for the beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids, in fiberglass, ceramic, plastic or concrete. We offer individual custom packaging for our retail focused customers, and the pots are protected with polyamide foam to ensure safe shipping.
All this makes our Potted Orchids business very competitive and been the choice of customers in more than 50 countries.

If you are interested in our Potted Orchids, feel free to learn more.