Artificial Greenery Wholesale

Low-maintenance and stylish. Incorporate greenery into weddings/houses/offices. Check out our artificial greenery wholesale now!

UV & Fire Retardant.

Artificial Greenery Bulk Available in DYartificial

Wholesale artificial greenery brings any space to life, conveying as much elegance as natural greenery. Their life-like feel and texture are used to make landscapes, interior and exterior areas, gardens, as well as commercial and office projects look more vibrant with minimal effort and investment.

DYartificial is a leading artificial plant supplier specializing in the production and supply of artificial greenery, including ferns, cacti, grass stems, and tropical stems. Our extensive collection of fake greenery wholesale is available in various sizes, designs, and colors.

Fully Customized Artificial Greenery Wholesale

According to well-defined specifications, we create custom silk greenery that shows uniqueness and improves brand recognition to attract your target business demographic.

Artificial Greenery Size

Our wholesale faux greenery comes in tiny, small, and large sizes. We make custom product sizes based on your requirements

Fake Greenery Thickness

The leaf and branch densities of wholesale silk greenery differ with each product design. Custom densities are incorporated into your order at your request.
dyl 301 150cm indoor artificial dracaena tree

Faux Greenery Shape

DYartificial plastic greenery wholesale is artfully designed to represent varying styles. Our experts work with you to create suitable designs for your product line.

Artificial Greenery Application

The production material, such as anti-ultraviolet and fire-retardant fabrics, used for faux greenery depends on its function. Per your order, we can create your product line to meet diverse applications.

Global Quality Standards.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Artificial Greenery

As a renowned manufacturer of wholesale artificial plants and artificial green walls, we make wholesale faux greenery with remarkable features to enable them to offer many benefits.

dyl 301 150cm indoor artificial dracaena tree 3
artificial green wall panels with uv and fire resistant technology
tkcb 15 Φ 50cm artificial bay laurel tree in ball outdoor b
TCC-181 190CM Height Artificial Frangipani Tree White Flowers Indoor 1


Wholesale Artificial Plant For Your Business Project

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Artificial Greenery Wall Panels

Artificial Greenery Wall Panels

Our cheap artificial greenery wall panels are great for creating a stunning vertical garden in outdoors, homes or office premises.

Fake Greening for Wedding

Fake Greening for Wedding

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Artificial Greenery For Outdoors

Artificial Greenery For Outdoors

DYartificials outdoor faux greenery is UV-protected, very easy to maintain, and livens up any outdoor space with natural colors. They won't fade even if exposed to rain and wind for 3 years.

Indoor Decorations

Indoor Decorations

DYartificial fake greenery is crafted in many sizes and colors for indoor decorations, equipping your brand to appeal to more customers.

City Landscape

City Landscape

Our wholesale fake greenery can be used in any type of landscaping regardless of position, design, or season.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

For commercial projects, we integrate versatility into your fake greenery product line to ensure your clients’ diverse needs are met. The commercial environment requires fire-resistant fake greenery plants, DYartificial products can meet it.

Why Choose DYartificial for Your
Wholesale Faux Greenery Business?

DYartificial is one of the top artificial plant manufacturers in China. With over 25 years of experience making high-quality faux greenery in bulk, we are capable of producing the most authentic and long-lasting products.
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Wide custom options

We offer attractive customization options for wholesale fake greenery, such as size, and design, that help your brand to stand out among competitors.

Group 42

Use imported Raw Materials

Greenery plants manufacturing materials are purchased from the best international suppliers. Imported anti-UV fabrics stay vibrant for up to 3 years and fire-retardant fabrics retain their properties for up to 2 years.

Group 43

Strict Quality Control

DYartificial factory and production processes are certified by BSCI, Sedex, and SGS, among others. In addition, our artificial greenery plants wholesale undergoes multiple inspections before loading and shipping.

Group 44

Production capacity

Our experts work in a world-class, highly-equipped production area. This ensures a high turnover of more than 12,000 fake greenery plants.

Group 45

Premium Service

At DYartificial, our clients are a priority. Our representatives are available 24/7 to reply to your inquiries and queries. Also, we offer warranties and other after-sales services.

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Strong Packing

We pack artificial greenery wall panels using five-layer compression-resistant cartons and unique packing methods to secure products during transit and create container space for more products.

High Productivity.
How Wholesale Artificial Greenery Orders are Handled by DYartificial

Through a certified manufacturing process, we produce, design, and supply faux greenery bulk to over 50 countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, etc.

Mold Making

Mold Making

Our artificial greenery molds are made based on detailed sketches containing information on the size, shape, and design of the greenery. With your product line specifications, we can make custom molds.

Mass Production

Mass Production

After the mold-making process, we mass-produce artificial greenery bulk using molds and imported materials. Our high-end machines help us complete multiple orders within a short period.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

Other parts of the greenery, such as branches and leaves, are carefully attached and assembled. Your order is then made ready for loading and shipping.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Your bulk order of faux greenery is expertly packed and loaded to contain more items. Afterward, shipping is done through our reliable courier partners.

Things To Consider When Sourcing Fake Palm Trees in Bulk

40hq container artificial plants to canada (4)

Product Quantity

The quantity you purchase will depend on the type of business project. We work with a MOQ of one 20’ container, but we can consider less than full container orders.

Product Quality

Quality products are essential to providing top-notch business services. Our anti-ultraviolet and fire-resistant materials for fake greenery are imported and further tested to guarantee and maintain the highest quality attainable.
artificial plants wall panels
dyartificial Injection Molding Machine Produce Leaves

Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of speed for your business. This is why in contrast to the industry lead time of 2-3 months, we supply plastic greenery orders within 40 days.

Supplementary Products

Buying your realistic greenert plants from a one-stop manufacturer provides a comprehensive outlook on your purchases. At DYartificial, we supply many supplementary products, such as pots, artificial trees, and topiary animals.
dypa 129 potted artificial mini taro 26cm 1

Where to Buy Faux greenery in Bulk?

As stand-alone decor in vertical gardens or when complementing the look of lively flowers in landscaping, DYartificial’s exquisite collection of wholesale faux greenery is naturalistic and completely safe. Our products are very durable and can withstand severe conditions. Contact us today to buy your premium wholesale artificial greenery.

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