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High Quality.

Fake Moss Bulk Available in DYartificial

DYartificial is a renowned supplier of high-quality artificial greenery, including wholesale artificial moss. We offer different species, shapes, and characters of fake moss in bulk that are almost indistinguishable from natural plants. Our varied selection of artificial moss rolls, fake moss sheets, and moss mats are luxurious-looking and easy to handle.

We are a reliable artificial plant supplier, delivering exclusive fake moss for crafts to our clients in over 50 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, and Spain.

Faux moss is often designed as an artificial green wall mat. This artificial moss wall art can be featured on surfaces of urban landscapes or placed indoors in commercial buildings. DYartificial produces an array of forms, designs, and sizes that will satisfy your customers’ diverse needs.

DYartificial moss rolls are used to create large bouquets and centerpieces or individually as a decorative base for special plant arrangements. Our wholesale artificial plants provide a combination of stunning and functional decor items. We also supply an anti-UV version for outdoor use.

Artificial moss sheets mirror the fine texture and appealing appearance of genuine moss with extra durability. They are perfect for making natural tablescapes, adorning floral arrangements, or designing decor projects. This faux moss sheet also makes a good decorative element for potted artificial plants, such as orchids and ferns.

Global Quality Standards.

Features of Our Bulk Fake Moss

DYartificial’s artificial moss wholesale is long-lasting, affordable, and great for all kinds of crafts. Other features of
our quality bulk fake moss include:
features of our bulk fake moss
blue fake moss mat
fake moss stone
artificial moss animals


Fake Moss in Bulk for Your Business Project

Our realistic-looking fake moss is an optimal, practical choice for designing large and small gardens, decorating indoor and exterior spaces of residences, or building green walls in commercial buildings.

Indoor Vertical Artificial Garden

Indoor Vertical Artificial Garden

Being strikingly attractive with vibrant looks, our fake Spanish moss forms the basis for many creative arrangements in vertical artificial gardens.

Fake Moss for Crafts

Fake Moss for Crafts

Artificial moss in bulk is worth your investment as it can be used for multiple purposes, including creating branding and signages.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

Artificial moss mats and faux moss walls are placed on official and commercial premises to energize employees and boost morale.

Fake Moss for All Decoration

Fake Moss for All Decoration

Fake moss from DYartificial is used for decorations to create a free and comfortable environment for restaurants.

Why Choose DYartificial for Your
Bulk Fake Moss Business?

DYartificial is an experienced manufacturer of first-rate fake plants and trees, including artificial plants for offices. Our products including faux moss are equipped to meet all your demands and those of your clients.

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Wide custom options

Our faux moss is available in various colors, sizes, and designs as well as the custom version.

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Use imported Raw Materials

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to our clients worldwide. Hence, we use imported materials to create artificial moss wholesale that elevates any indoor or outdoor space.

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Strict Quality Control

DYartificial’s supply of artificial plants and trees, as well as fake moss, has the highest quality. Our factory and products comply with several international standards, such as BSCI, Sedex, and SGS.

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Production capacity

Working out of a 20,000 sqm manufacturing area and employing advanced machinery, we deliver over five 20FT containers monthly.

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Premium Service

At DYartificial, we strive to keep our clients satisfied. In addition to our 24-hour customer service, we also offer warranties, technical support, and other after-sales services.

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Strong Packing

Our loading experts pack fake moss in bulk using five-layer compression-resistant cartons to ensure your order is secure, and our packing methods help to create more container space for products.

Creativity & Fash.

Creative Decoration of Artificial Moss

Artificial moss can bring nature into indoor spaces in the form of a moss wall background or a fake moss mat. Our artificial moss for outdoor use can give a peaceful, soothing look to any environment. As an epitome of lush green beauty, this artificial plant remains aesthetically pleasing for many years even without constant maintenance.

artificial moss decoration

High Productivity.
How Artificial Moss Bulk Orders Are Handled by DYartificial

As a supplier of artificial greenery wholesale, we operate a streamlined operation, which enables us to design and produce at a much higher capacity than our competitors and maintain consistent high quality across our products.

Mold Making

Mold Making

We make fake moss molds using well-detailed sketches containing information on the size, shape, and design of the artificial moss wall or mat.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Fake moss in bulk is mass-produced using custom molds and our imported materials. Thanks to our advanced technology, we quickly produce artificial moss that is inherently fire-resistant.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

After mass production, the branches and leaves of each artificial moss are attached and your order is assembled before loading and shipping.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Your artificial Spanish moss wholesale order is professionally packed and loaded to contain more products. Afterward, we deliver your order through our trusted courier partners.

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