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UV & Fire Retardant.

Artificial Green Wall Supplier in China

DYartificial is an artificial green wall factory based in China that manufactures and supplies natural-looking green walls that can be used for different purposes. We stand out among other artificial plant manufacturers as a company with innovative and creative approaches to upgrading the authenticity of plastic green walls.

As a global artificial green wall supplier exporting to over 50 countries, we employ extraordinary techniques to bring charm and elegance to any space with our faux green walls. Our fake green walls are made with quality materials, which makes them appear exactly like their real counterparts.

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High Productivity.

Types of Artificial Green Walls Supplied by DYArtificial

At DYartificial, we provide a broad range of indoor and outdoor artificial green walls that contribute to the organic look of any space. They can be custom-made in several styles and designs for better functionality.

outdoor artificial green wall

Outdoor Artificial Greenery

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE, UV, Fire Retardant Particles
  • Planter: Fiberglass, WPC plate, and iron
  • Fade Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: City parks, public squares and plazas, tourist centers, home balconies, event venues, etc.

Our outdoor artificial greenery walls are designed to have a sturdy construction that’s resistant to UV, which makes them perfect for enhancing any outdoor space with a lush and natural look.

Artificial Foliage Wall

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE, UV, Fire Retardant Elements
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: Event backdrops, retail storefronts, Wedding, trade show booths, stage designs, etc.

DYartificial realistic artificial foliage walls provide a maintenance-free solution to adding greenery to any indoor and outdoor setting. With a variety of designs and options, our artificial foliage wall can fit any space and aesthetic.

fake foliage plant wall
outdoor artificial ivy wall

Fake Ivy Wall

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE, UV, Fire Resistant Elements
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: Patios and decks, garden, public parks and green spaces, hotels and resorts, Weddings, etc.

Offers an elegant and low-maintenance alternative to real plants. Our fake ivy walls are used to add greenery to any space, whether indoors or outdoors. They possess a beautiful appearance that will brighten up an environment.

Artificial Hedge Wall

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE, UV, Fire Resistant Material
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: Restaurants and cafes, hotels and resorts, retail stores, trade shows and exhibitions, residential fences and walls, amusement parks and attractions, etc.

We make realistic artificial boxwood panels wholesale for privacy and decorating both indoor and outdoor settings. With a variety of styles and customization options available, our hedge walls can be tailored for any harsh environment .

fake hedge wall
artificial trellis wall

Fake Trellis Wall

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE, UV, Fire Retardant Material
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: Cafes and restaurants, rooftop bars and lounges, Weddings, retail stores and window displays, parks and gardens, corporate office courtyards, etc.

We create a variety of fake trellis walls that retain their vibrant and stunning look despite exposure to harsh conditions. With various foliage and design options, our trellis walls function as a perfect plant for any décor.

Fake Moss Wall

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Warranty: Fire-retardant 2 years
  • Application: Offices, homes, retail stores, restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts, healthcare facilities, etc.

As one of the leading suppliers of artificial green wall, we cater to fake moss bulk demands. Our fake moss walls are made to fit any indoor setting, making them a versatile option for any decoration style.

artificial moss wall

Global Quality Standards.

Benefits of Our Artificial Greenery Walls

DYartificial is a professional, committed, and reliable artificial green wall company to work with. Our artificial green walls are composed of great intrinsic properties, which makes them serve many benefits.

benefits of our artificial greenery walls

Fully Customized Options for Artificial Green Walls

The wholesale fake plants by DYartificial is available are various sizes, shapes, thickness, color, and for different applications. We stand out among other artificial green wall suppliers, offering unique solutions to every demand.

Size and Shape

DYartificial fake greenery walls can be trimmed and shaped to any size. No matter the size and shape you want, either long, short, curved, narrow, etc., we will make it happen.

Faux Green Walls Color

Want a variety of colors or a splash of color and tone, following your requirements, you can choose leaf colors for your custom faux green wall.
tnb 85 classic green artificial plants wall panel 100x100cm uv 4

Fake Green Wall Thickness

Want more depth and density to your artificial green wall panels, we will install as much greenery volume and dimension as you please.

Fake Green Wall Application

Using premium materials mixed with UV and flame-retardant elements, our plastic green walls are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Fake Greenery Walls for Your Business Project

Artificial greenery walls are used for so many applications across several sectors. Our faux greenery wall can be used for different purposes both indoors and outdoors. Some of their applications are seen in homes, gardens, weddings, offices, etc. We make various options that are uniquely designed to the satisfaction of customers and to upscale your business success.

Residential Privacy Screen

Residential Privacy Screen

At DYartificial, we produce various artificial green wall panels that can be used to create secluded areas for privacy. People outside won’t be able to see through.

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

In the spirit of love, we make fake greenery walls that are used for brighter and romantic decorations. They can even be used to inscribe the name of the couples.

Construction Noise Prevention

Construction Noise Prevention

Using our faux greenery walls, outside noise can be reduced as they absorb the sounds. This provides decorum to focus and concentrate on other things.

Outdoor and Indoor Decorations

Outdoor and Indoor Decorations

The indoor and outdoor decorations become more natural with the integration of faux green wall panels that have botanical appearance. Outdoor fake plants for patio can be used to completely transform the outside space.

Artificial Vertical Garden and City Landscape

Artificial Vertical Garden and City Landscape

The inclusion of our outdoor artificial green wall makes the artificial vertical garden look more authentic. And they can be incorporated into the city landscape to be natural-looking.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

DYartificial mixes fire-retardant material when manufacturing artificial green wall panels, which are suitable to decorate offices and other commercial buildings. It creates an inspiring and welcoming environment that fosters well-being and increases positivity.

Why Choose DYArtificial as Your Artificial Green Wall Supplier

Established in 1998, DYartificial has over the years, garnered more than enough experience and technical know-how to produce the most realistic faux green walls. We support our customers with all the help needed to guarantee their success.

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Wide custom options

We offer full custom options for indoor and outdoor artificial green walls, allowing you to have several choices to select from. Various sizes, shapes, colors, thickness, and applications are available.

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Use imported Raw Materials

Our raw materials like UV-protected and Fire resistant particles are imported from the most reliable suppliers, This ensures our outdoor artificial green walls don't fade for several years.

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Strict Quality Control

DYartificial plastic green walls undergo several quality inspection processes in compliance with industry standards like the BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and fire-retardant standards.

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Production capacity

With a 20,000 square meter factory, 4 production lines, and highly-skilled workers, we fulfill small and bulk faux greenery wall orders efficiently and quickly.

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Premium Service

Having experienced experts who work round-the-clock, all your inquiries will be responded to fastly and professionally within the hour.

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Strong Packing

While other artificial green wall suppliers use 3 layer of compression-resistant cartons for packaging, we use 5 layers, which guarantees the safety of your products during transportation.

How Artificial Greenery Walls are Manufactured in DYartificial Factory

Working with a streamlined manufacturing system that involves positioning customers’ requirements and quality production as priorities, we skillfully craft the artificial greenery walls to be top-notch and realistic.

Mold Making

Mold Making

To begin with, our R&D team makes a detailed drawing of the custom fake green wall, with reference to the size, shape, color, thickness, application, and other specifications.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Our artificial green wall factory is filled with state-of-the-art machinery that enables bulk production. Our imported PE materials are mixed with anti-UV and flame-retardant particles, which makes them extremely functional and durable.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

The different parts of the fake green walls are attached together and the interlocking is made to be invisible so that they won’t appear fake. Afterward, they are prepared for delivery.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Our professionals load the fake greenery walls into the containers, creating more than 3-5 square meters of space for products than our peers. Our loading method also saves our customers the time and cost of repackaging.

Fake Greenery Wall Guide

Below is a guide that will help you to source the best artificial green walls for your project.

What Kind of Plants are Faux Green Walls Made of?

Artificial Green walls are made of elements like fake moss, flowers, foliage, ivy, and many other different types of plants, so the green wall is ultra-realistic. On the better end of the spectrum, our fake greenery walls are made of high-quality PE materials sourced from the best suppliers around the world, which are mixed with UV-resistant and fire-retardant particles during production to make them stay beautiful for years.

what kind of plants are faux green walls made of

How We Make Our Faux Green Wall Panels Ultra-Realistic

Our artificial green wall panels are made ultra-realistic by the systematic approach employed. Driven by our years of experience as a horticulturist, we recreate the beauty of nature. DYartificial fake plants are engineered in organic ways that allow for the refreshment and brightness of the environment.

Our R&D experts replicate the designs of the real plants, mixed with extra protective elements, our products are made hyper-realistic.

how we make our faux green wall panels ultra realistic

Why Do You Need Bonsai Artificial Trees?

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Artificial Green Wall Panels with UV and Fire-Resistant Technology

The best artificial green walls are those suitable for every setting, including outdoors. At DYartificial, we mix anti-UV and flame-retardant elements with our raw materials, which makes them capable of withstanding harsh conditions. With this, they retain the beauty, color, appearance, and properties for several years even when exposed to direct sunlight, rain, wind, or fire.

artificial green wall panels with uv and fire resistant technology

How to Install Artificial Green Wall

Installing an artificial green wall is very easy and can be done without the help of an expert. These are the steps on a seamless artificial greenery wall installation.

  • Measure and drill: Having measured the faux greenery wall, measure and mark the hole dimensions in the wall. Once completed, drill the holes and insert the grey rawlplug into the holes.
  • Fix and attach: Start attaching and tightening the panels to the fixings. You can mix the different designs for a natural finish.
  • Secure and ruffle: Spend some time to ruffle and bend the areas of foliage for the most natural look.
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