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Various artificial trees are manufactured by DYartificial, and can meet your different performance and application needs.

UV & Fire Retardant.

Trusted Artificial Tree Supplier in China

As the leading artificial trees China supplier, we are dedicated to providing authentic artificial trees that can’t be differentiated from the live counterparts. With the goal to create unique, natural works of art that shines above the impression of fake, we employ innovative ideas to make the custom silk trees exceptionally organic.

Serving as a global artificial tree company, DYartificial supplies caters to the demands of over 50 countries, providing various custom artificial trees, such as bamboo, birch, ficus, olive, fruit, palm, pine, oak, maple, and artificial bonsai plants wholesale.

High Productivity.

Types of Artificial Trees Manufactured by DYartificial

At DYartificial, we have an extensive capability in manufacturing wholesale fake plants that can be used for different settings and purposes. Below are the types of artificial trees we produce.

Artificial indoor trees bring a beautiful and natural view of the outside world indoors with an unrivaled experience in realness, driven by botanical research and attention to detail.
Artificial indoor trees bring a beautiful and natural view of the outside world indoors with an unrivaled experience in realness, driven by botanical research and attention to detail.
Artificial indoor trees bring a beautiful and natural view of the outside world indoors with an unrivaled experience in realness, driven by botanical research and attention to detail.

Custom Artificial Trees Options in DYartificial

We pride ourselves as the best artificial trees manufacturer with a broad range of expertise in creating custom artificial trees. If you’ve seen a live tree that you love and would like to add to your product line, we can replicate and integrate them with full detail.

Artificial Trees Size

As a reliable fake tree manufacturer, we ensure that every inch is the same as the natural design. The customization is based on your preference and sizes, such as tiny, small, and large.

Trunk Shape

The custom silk tree trunk can be custom-made in any shape considering the planter, number of stems, and other specifications.
dyl 301 150cm indoor artificial dracaena tree


DYartificial is a fake tree company that makes artificial trees for all purposes. We have options for indoor, outdoor, and decorative applications.


Our artificial trees China branches and leaves are designed to have varying densities. While some are made to be bushy, others can be spacious. Your requirements are going to be satisfied.

Global Quality Standards.

Benefits of Our Indoor and Outdoor Fake Trees

Our artificial trees are composed of distinct features, which makes us stand out among other fake tree manufacturers. Choosing us
as your artificial trees supplier guarantees that your business will have an edge over competitors.


Fake Tree Plants for Your Business Project

We are a one-stop artificial tree supplier with options for every project. Our fake trees serve many functions as they enhance the natural appearance and beauty of any space.

Vertical Artificial Garden

Vertical Artificial Garden

With the perfect color and texture, our artificial vertical garden trees are botanically correct. They bring the garden to life with their realistic look.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Creating a romantic atmosphere, our artificial trees for weddings are custom-made to be bright and colorful with love designs.

City Landscape Project

City Landscape Project

The city landscape appears rather lifeless without strikingly lifelike trees. DYArtificial artificial trees are organically appealing and inject life into the project.

Patio/Backyard/Pool Area

Patio/Backyard/Pool Area

With our wholesale artificial palm trees and other trees, the patio, backyard, and pool area will be universally transformed to be aesthetically intriguing.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

DYartificial have a wide range of fake trees to create a welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed walking into the office, as well as into commercial buildings.

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

We are an artificial tree supplier with great options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Besides serving as a beauty element, they are easy to maintain.

Why Choose DYartificial as Your Artificial Tree Supplier

With more than two years of experience as the leading artificial trees China brand, we’ve been supplying numerous countries worldwide with not just outstanding fake trees, but exceptional benefits and services to assure your business success.
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Wide custom options

DYartificial silk tree company offers full custom options, providing you with a variety sizes, trunk shapes, thickness, etc.

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Use imported Raw Materials

We import 100% new UV、FR、PE particles from reliable suppliers to custom artificial trees. These fake trees can be used outdoors and indoors because they are UV-protected and Fire retardant

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Strict Quality Control

Standing out from other plastic tree manufacturers, our fake trees are put through stringent quality inspection to ensure adherence with international regulatory standards like BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and flame-retardant requirements.

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Production capacity

With a 20,000m² fully-equipped silk tree factory and a team of experts, we handle both small and bulk orders with more than 12,000 artificial trees per month.

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Premium Service

DYartificial have specialists who are available 24/7 to respond to all your inquiries and queries. Within the hour, you will be provided with the best solution and recommendation to your questions.

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Strong Packing

Unlike other artificial trees manufacturers that use 3-layer compression-resistant cartons for packaging, we use 5-layers, which ensures that the products are well-packaged and won’t get damaged during transit.

How Artificial Trees are Manufactured by DYartificial

At DYArtificial, all our custom artificial trees are professionally engineered to be perfect and appear exactly like the real ones. Below are the streamlined processes for production:

Mold Making

Mold Making

Our designing team prepares a detailed drawing that contains the size, shape, and all-round specifications of the fake trees.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Following your requirements, the artificial trees are manufactured in bulk. They are mixed with UV-resistant and fire-retardant particles for maximum protection.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

After the different parts of the faux trees are produced, they are stuck into another and assembled, ready to be shipped for delivery.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

DYArtificial is one of the artificial tree suppliers that skillfully load the containers, creating about 2-5 square meters of space for more fake trees.

Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Trees Sourcing Guide

Before exporting your custom fake tree from any artificial plant manufacturers, these are the factors to consider.

Why Choose DYartificial Rather Than Other Artificial Trees Manufacturer

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DYartificial is currently the only company in China that makes artificial woven plants that are both anti-UV and fireproof. Unlike other manufacturers that use waste and recycled materials, we use 100% new eco-friendly materials with no heavy metals, hence the attractiveness, color, durability of our products.

Our products are built to have sun and fire protection at the same time, which means that they can be used under direct sunlight and they won’t be destroyed at fire point. We stand out from other suppliers as we are always available 24/7 to attend to support you with extra professional advice and services to ensure your business success.

What Artificial Trees are Made of

Artificial bonsai trees wholesale show the wisdom and beauty of the natural world. Additionally, they are perfect for designing vertical gardens, landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor decorations, and setting up attractive commercial spaces. Also, they are easy to maintain as they don’t require watering or pruning.

dyartificial Raw Materials Warehouse

Do You Inspect Artificial Trees’ Quality

As a reputable artificial tree manufacturer, we have several quality inspections integrated into and after the manufacturing process. DYartificial stand as the number one artificial trees supplier today because of commitment to ensure top-quality. The fake trees are put through various tests like UV (which ensures resistance against sunlight), water (which ensures resistance of outdoor plants against rain), and flame (which ensures resistance against fire).

do you inspect artificial trees’ quality

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