Fake Succulents Bulk 

Keep up with the house plant decor trend. A perfect choice for home/office/shop decorations. Check out our fake succulents bulk!

Extensive Product Line.

Fake Succulents Bulk Available In DYArtificial

DYArtificial is an industry-leading artificial plants supplier with nearly 25 years of expertise. We only supply affordable bulk artificial succulents made using high-quality raw materials. Our product catalog includes more than 12,000+ plants including wholesale artificial succulents, and we export to 50+ countries. 

At DYArtificial, we deliver high-quality wholesale artificial succulent plants. We maintain several global certifications for our plastic succulents bulk products, including BSCI, SGS, Sedex, and more. Our artificial succulents bulk items are made in our 5,000,000 square feet factory, and we ensure quick delivery.

Fully Customized Artificial Succulents Bulk

At DYArtificial, we produce fully customized faux succulents bulk according to the client’s requirements. Our wholesale artificial succulent plants customization options include: 

Fake Succulents Size

We can manufacture fake succulents in various sizes and deliver mini artificial succulents bulk, medium-sized wholesale fake succulents, and large plastic succulents in bulk. 

Faux Succulents Shape

At our wholesale fake succulent manufacturing facility, we use different types of molds to produce faux succulents in bulk in various shapes to attract more buyers for businesses. 

artificial succulent plants

Plastic Succulents Thickness

We can also customize the thickness of the wholesale artificial plants as per the client’s demand, such as the density of the branches and the leaves of faux succulent bulk items. 

Global Quality Standards.

Features Of Our Wholesale Artificial Succulents

At DYArtificial, we manufacture fake succulents bulk products in our factories using the best quality raw materials. We are a one-stop supplier of a variety of good-quality artificial succulents in bulk. 


Source Fake Succulents Bulk For Your Business Project

Sourcing wholesale artificial succulents from DYArtificial will benefit businesses as we supply the best quality, attractive, budget-friendly, and customized artificial succulent bulk products. We have artificial plants for various applications, such as: 

Indoor Vertical Artificial Garden

Indoor Vertical Artificial Garden

We deliver faux succulents wholesale plants, vertical indoor plant walls, and small hanging plants for businesses that sell artificial plants for residential indoor vertical gardens.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

For businesses that focus on wedding decoration projects, we supply a variety of high-quality fake succulent plants in various sizes and shapes to decorate.

Office and Commercial Areas

Office and Commercial Areas

Businesses can order premium-quality artificial plants for office and commercial spaces from us. We deliver a wide variety of mini fake succulents bulk items to decorate the office and they do not need regular maintenance, which saves time.

Why Choose DYArtificial for Your Artificial Succulent Plants Wholesale Business

DYArtificial is a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of artificial succulent wholesale plants. We supply a broad range of fake plants to different countries. 

Group 41 1

Wide Custom Options

We offer wide customization options and produce artificial succulents bulk items in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

Group 42

Use Imported Raw Materials

At DYArtificial, we utilize imported new PE raw substances that are environmentally-friendly without any metals or harmful particles to manufacture fake plants that can resist fading for a longer time.

Group 43

Strict Quality Control

We only use high-quality raw materials, the manufactured fake succulent bulk items will undergo various quality tests and inspections like SGS, Sedex, BSCI, etc.

Group 44

Production Capacity

Our 2000 square meter factory is equipped with 4 production lines. We have a monthly production capacity of five 4HQ containers.

Group 45

Premium Service

We offer 24/7 support service and our team will respond in an hour. Also, clients can return our products within the warranty period in case of any damage and get replacement wholesale faux succulents.

Group 46

Strong Packing

Unlike other suppliers who use only three-layer packaging, DYArtificial utilizes five-layer compression-resistant cartons to pack more fake plants and ensure product safety during transportation.

High Productivity.
How Fake Succulents Bulk Orders
Are Handled By DYArtificial

We get fake succulents bulk orders from clients across various countries. DYArtificial uses good-quality materials to make artificial succulents and delivers them to clients’ businesses with a short turnaround time. 

Mold Making And Forming According To Drawing

Mold Making And Forming According To Drawing

Using automatic and semi-automatic molding machines, we make molds as per the drawings approved by the client. At DYArtificial, we have nearly 20,000 sets of molds and 50+ automatic injection molding machines.

Use Imported PE Material To Mass Production

Use Imported PE Material To Mass Production

Unlike other companies that use waste materials, we acquire imported new PE materials for mass manufacturing fake succulent plants bulk products. We only use environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful at all.

Plants Leaves Sticking And Assembly

Plants Leaves Sticking And Assembly

At the production facility, our workers use durable machines to stick leaves to the fake succulents wholesale plants and assemble them.

More 3% Loading And Timely Shipping

More 3% Loading And Timely Shipping

Unlike other suppliers, DYArtificial ensures full loading of 40HQ containers that can store more than 3 to 5 square meters of faux succulents bulk items. Also, we ensure timely shipping and delivery.

Things To Consider When Sourcing Artificial Succulents In Bulk

To acquire good-quality wholesale silk orchids and fake succulent plants, some significant things to consider are:

40hq container artificial plants to canada (4)

Product Quantity

Businesses should consider the product quantity before sourcing fake succulents bulk. At DYArtificial, we offer a low MOQ of one 20 feet container so that small businesses can also order. Business can choose different types of artificial plants in the 20tf’ container.

Product Quality

Check if the manufacturer used high-quality materials for producing artificial succulents bulk items, as it will affect the durability and shelf life of the fake plants. Our artificial plants are made from decent-quality raw PE materials. 

DYJT-52 Artificial Succulent Plants In Pots 15.5CM 1
40HQ container artificial big trees to QATAR


Businesses should know about the packaging of fake plants. We use five-layer compression-resistant cartons for packaging our faux succulents bulk items, and we take 2 more hours to load the container, so that no damage is done during transportation, and the product packaging will not be deformed.

Turnaround Time

DYArtificial maintains a turnaround time of no more than 40 days to produce custom mini faux succulents bulk plants, pack them, and deliver them to your business. 

dyartificial Injection Molding Machine Produce Leaves
dyjt 4 a artificial succulent plants in wooden pots 12cm

Supplementary Products

Check if the manufacturer also supplies supplementary items. Apart from fake succulent wholesale plants, we also sell different types of pots for keeping artificial plants. 

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