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Transform your indoor or outdoor space with our low-maintenance and durable artificial hedge. Explore now for a lush and green space all year round!

UV & Fire Retardant.

Trusty Artificial Hedge Supplier in China

DYartificial is a factory-owned artificial plant supplier in China that manufactures and exports natural-looking faux hedge wholesale for all-round applications. Manufactured with simple and modern organic designs, our artificial boxwood panels wholesale are exported to more than 50 countries.

As a reliable artificial plant company, we incorporate creative and innovative procedures, which makes us stand out among other artificial hedge manufacturers. Our artificial boxwood hedge comply with several international standards, like the BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and flame-retardant specifications.

artificial outdoor hedge

High Productivity.

Artificial Hedge Wholesale Available in DYartificial

We provide a wide range of faux hedges wholesale styles that are used for beautifying several spaces. They can be customized in varying designs and with a touch of nature to be unarguably real.
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Artificial Hedge Panels

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Foliage options: Pine Leaves, Christmas Leaves, Money Plant, Duck Foot Wood, etc.
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire Resistance 2 years
  • Application: Real Estate, Hotel, Wedding, Garden, Restaurant, etc.

Mixed with UV & FR particles and 100% fresh new PE in the manufacturing process, our artificial boxwood panels wholesale are produced to be hyper-realistic, last long, and maintenance-free with a lush greenery look.

Artificial Hedge Rolls

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire resistance 2 years
  • Application: Garden, Wedding, Commercial Park, Hotel, etc.

Our artificial hedge roll comes in a variety of textures. No matter the season or weather conditions, the artificial hedge rolls are going to remain evergreen. Even if exposed to the windy or rainy environment, artificial hedge rolls won’t fade within 2-3 years.

artificial hedge plants in outdoors

Artificial Hedge in Planters

Fake Hedge in a Planter

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Planter: Fiberglass, ceramics, iron, etc.
  • Warranty: Outdoor for 3 years; Fire Resistance for 2 years
  • Application: Home, Garden, Real Estate, Hotel, Wedding, Restaurant, etc.

DYartificial portable artificial hedge planters serve as the perfect equipment for moving beautiful greenery to various locations. This supports the creative idea of flawless decoration. (Learn More Creative Fake Plant Decor Ideas)

Artificial Topiary Hedge

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Styles: Topiary Balls, Letters, Trees, Animals, etc.
  • Warranty: UV protect for 3 years; Fire Resistance for 2 years
  • Applications: Home, Supermarket, Festival, Parties, Wedding, etc.

Curated in numerous styles, our artificial topiary hedges are made to be realistic and last long with no sign of wilting. The artificial hedges wholesale retain their properties and appearance despite harsh conditions.

fake topiary hedges
fake hedge balls

Artificial Hedge Balls

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Size: Small, Big
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Fire Resistance 2 years
  • Application: Home, Garden, Hotels, Real Estate, Weddings, etc.

Using high-quality PE、UV and Fire retardant materials, we make fake hedge balls that are designed to be organic and strong to withstand extreme exposures to sun, wind, rain, etc.

Fully Customized Artificial Bonsai Plants Wholesale

Custom products help you meet your client’s needs precisely and enhance your brand recognition. We create custom artificial bonsai trees wholesale using your size, shape, thickness, and application specifications.

Artificial Bonsai Size

In addition to our tiny, small, and large fake bonsai plants, we can customize your product line to contain various custom sizes.

Faux Bonsai Tree Shape

Our expert designers create artificial bonsai trees wholesale of various styles and shapes that accurately represent the creative vision of your product line.
TKA 68 Artificial Boxwood Hedge with Stainless steel Planter 600x600 1

Fake Bonsai Application

We use bonsai artificial tree fabrics that are best suited for the product application. For example, fire-retardant materials are used to make indoor plants.

Faux Bonsai Thickness

Our custom options extend to the leaf, branch, and trunk densities of your faux bonsai trees. If required, we can make these components to fit any thickness specification.

Global Quality Standards.

Benefits of Our Faux Hedge Wholesale

The wholesale artificial plant by DYartificial is available in various sizes, shapes, thickness, and for different applications. We are a one-stop service provider, offering unique solutions to every artificial boxwood panel wholesale demands.

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Artificial Hedge Wholesale for Your Business Project

Fake hedge walls are used for so many applications across several sectors. With our high-quality products, including artificial plants for balcony, you will get many options to upscale your business success.

Artificial Greenery Wall

Artificial Greenery Wall

Artificial hedge walls add a touch of natural wall design to any space. It makes the whole environment look organic and beautiful.

Residential Privacy Screen

Residential Privacy Screen

If you are looking to create a private area, artificial wall screening can serve as the trick. The artificial privacy hedge secludes the area and people outside won’t be able to see through.

Construction Noise Prevention

Construction Noise Prevention

The artificial boxwood hedges absorb the noise coming from the environment, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet.It's powerful when used for construction site.

Outdoor and Indoor Decorations

Outdoor and Indoor Decorations

Indoor and outdoor decorations are brighter and more vivid with artificial plants. Transform the look of your décor with some artificial wall hedge.

Garden and City Landscape

Garden and City Landscape

Artificial box hedges serve as the perfect greenery design to bring garden and city landscape designs to life.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

Energize office and commercial buildings decorations with realistic artificial hedge screens and simulated plant combinations.

Why Choose DYartificial as Your
Artificial Hedge Supplier

Established in 1998, over the years, DYartificial has garnered sufficient experience and technical know-how to offer the best wholesale artificial boxwood to the satisfaction of customers.
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Wide custom options

The artificial hedge wholesale is available in different specifications, such as varying sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and applications.

Group 42

Use imported Raw Materials

Our production is strictly prioritized to be high-quality. We use imported UV、FR and PE materials sourced from the most reliable suppliers to manufacture artificial outdoor boxwood hedge.

Group 43

Strict Quality Control

Complying with global standards like the BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and fire-retardant standards, the artificial boxwood panels are put through stringent quality inspection processes.

Group 44

Production capacity

DYartificial has a large manufacturing factory, 4 production lines, highly-skilled staff, and two brother companies, which ensures the completion of artificial boxwood wholesale orders.

Group 45

Premium Service

We have a great business team with expert knowledge about your needs who are available 24/7 to provide you with satisfactory replies to your queries within the hour.

Group 46

Strong Packing

While other artificial hedge manufacturers use 3-layer of compression-resistant cartons for packaging, we make use of 5-layers, which guarantees the safety of your artificial hedges wholesale order during transportation.

How Artificial Boxwood Hedge Orders are Handled by DYArtificial

Working with a systematic manufacturing process, customers’ priority and quality production are our goal. Our artificial foliage wholesale are skillfully crafted to make artificial hedge panels. The quality of artificial privacy hedge exceeds whatever you’ve seen before.

Mold Making

Mold Making

To begin with, our professional designers give a detailed drawing of the custom artificial boxwood, citing specifics about the size, shapes, thickness, and other requirements demanded.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Using cutting-edge technology and imported PE materials that are mixed with UV-resistant and flame-retardant particles, we begin the artificial boxwood panels wholesale production.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

The different compartments of the artificial box hedge are assembled together to form a consistent part, and then they are prepared for delivery.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Following our creative and innovative expertise, we load the faux hedge wholesale products into the containers, leaving enough space to accommodate about 3-5 square meters of additional artificial hedges.

Artificial Hedge Wholesale Guide

Below is a short guide on the factors to evaluate when sourcing for artificial hedges.

What is Artificial Hedge​

Artificial hedge refers to a synthetic replication of natural hedge. It’s designed to provide an aesthetic and functional alternative to traditional hedges made of live plants, as it requires low maintenance and it’s cost-effective.

artificial hedge box

What DYartificial Fake Hedges are Made of​

DYartificial unreal hedges are made of 100% fresh PE materials.
Some artificial hedges manufacturers use recycled waste PE materials, which result in hedges with bad quality, dim colors, and bad smell.

But at DYartificial, we use 100% new PE materials and UV & FR materials that produce artificial hedges with superior quality, vibrant colors, and the great smell.

vertical green wall hedges

Things to Consider When Sourcing from Artificial Hedge Suppliers​

Product Quantity
Product Quality
Turnaround Time
Supplementary Products

Artificial Hedges with UV and Fire-Resistant Technology​

Most artificial hedges are often used outdoors, hence they are exposed to direct sunlight, rain, wind, fire outbreak, etc. This can shorten the lifespan of the artificial hedges and in fact, reveal their fakeness over time.

But fake hedges made with UV and fire-resistant technology will withstand these extreme conditions, making the hedges retain their properties and keep on looking evergreen.

outdoor artificial hedge ball

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