Artificial Leaves Bulk

Dongyi as an experienced artificial plant manufacturer, produces bulk artificial foliage that is UV-protected and fire-resistant.

UV & Fire Retardant.

Artificial Leaves Bulk Available in DYArtificial

As the leading manufacturer of wholesale artificial leaves since 1998, DYartificial has continually been creative and innovative, always striving to offer greater value to society

. Using eco-friendly materials, we produce plastic leaves in bulk that are natural-looking and extremely elegant. They bring life into any space they are used.
With an extensive capacity to cater to fake leaves bulk demands, we supply over 50 countries around the world, providing the best artificial leaves wholesale at the most profitable prices.

Fully Custom Artificial Foliage Wholesale

DYartificial is a prominent artificial plant manufacturer with a vast capability to design and produce all kinds of artificial green leaves wholesale. Serving as a one-stop solution provider, your artificial leaves bulk order can be custom-made and personalized according to your specifications.

Artificial Foliage Size

Our wholesale silk leaves are manufactured in different sizes, such as tiny, small, and large pieces. The customization is completely based on your requirements.

Faux Foliage Shape

According to your shape and style preference, we create the artificial foliage wholesale to complement your product line and enhance your brand uniqueness.
fully custom artificial foliage wholesale

Artificial Leaf Application

Designed to be suitable for all settings, including indoors and outdoors, the wholesale silk foliage is made to be resistant to UV, fire, water, wind, etc.

Fake Leaves Thickness

Our faux leaves bulk are customized to have different leaf densities. While some are bushy, others are spacious. This helps to satisfy diverse customers’ demands.

Global Quality Standards.

Features of Our Artificial Green Leaves Wholesale

DYartificial wholesale artificial trees and green leaves are composed of distinct features. They offer outstanding benefits that make your customers satisfied and puts your business ahead of others.


Fake Green Leaves in Bulk for Your Business Project

We have a large variety of wholesale artificial leaves that are instrumental in enhancing the beauty of any space. They bring in a touch of nature, comfort, and attractiveness to any decoration.

Vertical Artificial Garden

Vertical Artificial Garden

Having the perfect color and aesthetics, our fake green leaves in bulk are the best option for gardens. They bring the garden to life with their realistic look.
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Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Our artificial green leaves wholesale is the perfect solution to make the wedding décor more sophisticated and pleasing. They create a more romantic atmosphere.
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Artificial Green Wall Design

Artificial Green Wall Design

Our fake leaves in bulk serve as the suitable option to build artificial green walls either for design purpose or covering untidy areas.
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Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

Asides from being inexpensive and realistic, our commercial artificial plants add much-needed color to official and commercial projects. Fire retardant foilage also meet the requirements of the commercial environment for fire prevention.

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Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Our silk foliage wholesale is used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are capable of withstanding extreme environments and harsh conditions since our fake leaves are mixed with UV and FR particles.
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Why Choose DYartificial for Your
Artificial Foliage Wholesale Business

With more than two decades of experience, DYartificial has a handful of expertise to meet your artificial leaves bulk requirement. We work with you closely, offering all-round support to ensure your business success.
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Wide Custom Options

There is a full custom option for artificial leaf available, which allows for the curation of your product line in numerous sizes, shapes, thickness, etc.

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Imported Raw Materials

The wholesale silk leaves raw materials are imported from reliable suppliers with a track record of delivering top-rated materials. High-quality UV & Fire retardant material guarantee plastic leaves won't fire and fade within 3 years even exposed to wind and rain.

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Strict Quality Control

DYartificial silk foliage wholesale undergo various quality inspection measures to ensure compliance with global standards like the BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and fire-retardant specifications.

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Production capacity

There are highly-skilled and informed experts who work round-the-clock to attend to your inquiries and queries. All your requests will be responded to within the hour.

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Premium Service

Provide customers with a unique experience when they purchase from your street food business. Our paper cups are perfect for any occasion, featuring designs to suit any style. 

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Strong Packing

We guarantee safety during the transportation of your wholesale artificial leaves as 5-layer compression-resistant cartons are used for packaging. Unlike our peers who use 3-layer packaging, with us, your products and packaging are guaranteed not to get damaged and reformed.

High Productivity.
How Artificial Leaves Bulk Orders are Handled by DYartificial

Using a streamlined manufacturing process and having a well-equipped factory, DYartificial artificial plants wholesale production is professionally created to stand out. Our manufacturing procedures are in compliance with regulatory standards.

Mold Making

Mold Making

To start with, we have a detailed drawing made by our design team for custom fake foliage, with full encapsulation of the required size, shape, texture, and overall specifications.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Utilizing our cutting-edge technology and imported raw materials, we commence mass production of artificial leaves wholesale. We add anti-UV and fire-retardant particles for better functionality and durability.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

The fake leaves are branches are inserted into one another firmly, and assembled, ready to be shipped out for delivery.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading & Timely Shipping

To complete the process, your bulk order of artificial green leaves wholesale are professionally loaded into the containers, leaving about 3-5 square meters of space to accommodate more products.

Things to Consider When Sourcing Wholesale Artificial Leaves

40hq container artificial plants to canada (4)

Product Quantity

Ask for the minimum quantity that can be ordered at once? At DYartificial, we offer a minimum order quantity of 20′ containers, which allows both small and big businesses to meet their market needs.

Product Quality

The materials and production quality determine the durability of the wholesale silk foliage. DYartificial uses premium PE materials mixed with UV-resistant and fire-retardant particles for top performance and longevity.
dlvs 393 artificial monstera bush deliciosa 63cm length double green uv protected
40HQ container artificial big trees to QATAR


Packaging influences the safety of the products during transit. Our five-layer compression-resistant strong packing methods guarantee that the fake leaves in bulk won’t get damaged.

Turnaround Time

How soon would your order be completed? The time taken for the production and delivery of your silk leaves bulk could affect your business. At DYartificial, we don’t exceed 40 days to fulfill your orders.
dyartificial Injection Molding Machine Produce Leaves
tpo 10 11.5cm 19cm 27.5cm nice flower pots fiberglass planter 4

Supplementary Products

Ensure that your plant accessories are in sync. Source fake green leaves in bulk from suppliers that offer all-around solutions. DYartificial supplies various supplementary products like planters, pots, moss, etc.

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