Artificial Bonsai Plants Wholesale

Shop from our array of high-quality and extremely realistic artificial bonsai plants wholesale that effectively meet your market needs.

UV & Fire Retardant.

Artificial Bonsai Plants Wholesale Available in DYartificial

DYartificial is a renowned manufacturer of wholesale fake plants, including artificial bonsai trees and plants. We offer a wide variety of fake plants like pine plastic bonsai, flowering faux bonsai, and other greenery bonsai artificial trees.
Our array of artificial bonsai plants is used in landscaping, indoor and outdoor decorations, green wall building, and vertical artificial garden designs. We maintain a large clientele in over 50 countries, including Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and Spain.

Artificial Pine Bonsai Collection

Artificial Pine Bonsai Collection

Other Artificial Bonsai Plants

Fully Customized Artificial Bonsai Plants Wholesale

Custom products help you meet your client’s needs precisely and enhance your brand recognition. We create custom artificial bonsai trees wholesale using your size, shape, thickness, and application specifications.

Artificial Bonsai Size

In addition to our tiny, small, and large fake bonsai plants, we can customize your product line to contain various custom sizes.

Faux Bonsai Tree Shape

Our expert designers create artificial bonsai trees wholesale of various styles and shapes that accurately represent the creative vision of your product line.
green artificial bonsai plant

Fake Bonsai Application

We use bonsai artificial tree fabrics that are best suited for the product application. For example, fire-retardant materials are used to make indoor plants.

Faux Bonsai Thickness

Our custom options extend to the leaf, branch, and trunk densities of your faux bonsai trees. If required, we can make these components to fit any thickness specification.

Global Quality Standards.

Features of Our Wholesale Artificial Bonsai Tree

As one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers, we make artificial bonsai trees wholesale with stand-out features that
appeal to your customers and help you attract new ones.


Artificial Bonsai Tree Wholesale For Your Business Project

DYartificials collection of commercial artificial plants is crafted with quality and detail in mind to add value to any space. We supply bamboo trees, ficus trees, and other bonsai artificial trees for use in many business projects.

Vertical Artificial Garden

Vertical Artificial Garden

Our large fake bonsai trees improve the beauty and elegance of vertical artificial gardens in outdoor residential and business areas.

City Landscape Projects

City Landscape Projects

We make fake bonsai plants that can endure sunlight without fading, making them perfect for any landscaping project.

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

With their artistic value and style, our artificial bonsai plants have a huge influence on the atmosphere of indoor/outdoor spaces.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

Faux bonsai trees look very attractive as table centerpieces and on shelves for decoration in offices.

Why Choose DYartificial For Your
Artificial Bonsai Tree Wholesale Business

With over two decades of experience in this industry, we are adequately qualified to supply the most appropriate products for your business, including wholesale artificial greenery and artificial bonsai plants.

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Wide custom options

You can customize the size, shape, and thickness of your fake bonsai product line to boost your brand image and awareness.

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Use imported Raw Materials

We use only the best materials for production. Our imported anti-UV and fire-retardant fabrics are very durable, retaining their properties for three and two years respectively.

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Strict Quality Control

Quality is embedded in all our production processes, from material sourcing to shipping. In addition, our artificial bonsai plants wholesale comply with several international standards, such as BSCI, Sedex, and SGS.

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Production capacity

Our trained staff work out of a 20,000 sqm, highly equipped factory, enabling a high turnover of five 20ft containers monthly.

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Premium Service

We have an impeccable customer service team that replies to your inquiries and queries within an hour. We also offer various after-sales services, including warranties for bonsai artificial trees.

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Strong Packing

Fake Bonsai packages undergo a series of tests, such as transportation vibration test and drop test, to confirm package strength. We also employ special packing methods to create more container space for products.

How Fake Bonsai Tree Orders are Handled by DYartificial

We operate a streamlined system that facilitates production, allowing us to complete many fake bonsai orders within a short period. Our artificial bonsai tree wholesale is made to emulate certain aesthetics, making them as lifelike as possible.

Mold Making

Mold Making

With your well-detailed sketches containing information on the product size, shape, and design, our experts begin work on custom molds for your fake bonsai product line.

Mass Production

Mass Production

The molds and imported fabrics are used to mass-produce artificial bonsai plants in bulk. With the aid of our advanced machinery, this process is done quickly.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

Leaves and branches are then attached to the bonsai tree artificial trunk and your complete order is assembled for loading and shipping.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Employing professional packing methods, we load your order allowing 3 - 5 sqm extra space for more bonsai plants. Then, we ship through our trusted logistics partners.

Artificial Bonsai Plants Wholesale Guide

What Is An Artificial Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai is a Japanese term, which means  “planted in a shallow tray” or “planted in a container.” Artificial bonsai plants represent harmony, patience, and simplicity and can be cultivated to symbolize other excellent qualities. These plastic bonsai trees are known for being smaller versions of normal-sized trees.

artificial bonsai tree with white pot

Why Do You Need Bonsai Artificial Trees?

Artificial bonsai trees wholesale show the wisdom and beauty of the natural world. Additionally, they are perfect for designing vertical gardens, landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor decorations, and setting up attractive commercial spaces. Also, they are easy to maintain as they don’t require watering or pruning.

orange artificial bonsai with white pot

Why Do You Need Bonsai Artificial Trees?

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