Wholesale Artificial Trees

These wholesale artificial trees add beauty to any project like a city landscape or office decor. Deeply loved by consumers for looking fresh every day with no maintenance.

UV & Fire Retardant.

Artificial Trees Wholesale Available in DYartificial

DYartificial is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of realistic and appealing indoor and outdoor fake trees wholesale

. Our array of wholesale artificial tree products includes palm, ficus, maple, pine, bonsai, and other big trees.

DYartificial trees bring charm and elegance to interior and exterior landscapes, residential areas, as well as office and commercial spaces. These wholesale silk trees are made with premium quality materials that improve their life-like appearance, color, and freshness. We export fake trees at wholesale prices to over 50 countries worldwide

Fully Custom Artificial Trees Wholesale

As an experienced artificial plant manufacturer, we design, produce, and deliver wholesale fake trees that boost your brand’s image among your target market.

Fake Tree Size

We supply wholesale artificial tree products in small, tiny, and large sizes. We can also make them according to your custom size specification. 

Artificial Tree Shape

Following your shape and style specifications, we create custom artificial trees and fake plants for outdoor use to add variety to your product line and display your brand creativity.

several artificial trees with different height

Realistic Tree Application

Wholesale fake tree materials can be customized to be more fitting for their application. For example, we use anti-UV materials for manufacturing outdoor artificial trees.

Faux Tree Thickness

DYartificial wholesale artificial trees have different leaf, branch, and trunk densities to enable our clients meet diverse market demands. We can also make them in any thickness of your choosing.

Global Quality Standards.

Features of Our Wholesale Artificial Tree

DYartificial fake trees have many outstanding features that make them more appealing to a larger clientele. 

Hence, working with us gives your business an edge over competitors.


Silk Trees Wholesale For Your Business Project

Artificial plants and trees wholesale, including artificial trees for weddings, perform various functions in many projects, such as landscaping, garden design, and green wall building.

Vertical Artificial Garden

Vertical Artificial Garden

Embedded with UV-protective and fire-retardant materials, our custom artificial trees provide the best option for your artificial garden business.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Our affordable, sophisticated, and luxurious artificial trees for weddings have pleasing aesthetics that will surpass the expectations of your clients.

City Landscape Projects

City Landscape Projects

Landscapes are incomplete without strikingly beautiful trees. DYartificial fake trees for outdoors are universally appealing and inject elegance into any landscape.

Office And Commercial Project

Office And Commercial Project

Besides being budget-friendly, our fake tree wholesale products add much-needed color to official settings.

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Outdoor/Indoor Decoration

Our collection of indoor and outdoor artificial trees is very easy to maintain, making them very attractive to customers.

Why Choose DYartificial for Your Fake Trees
Wholesale Business?

With over two decades of experience as an artificial tree supplier, we work with you closely to manufacture and deliver faux trees that are most suitable for your business.

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Wide custom options

We offer full custom options for realistic artificial trees that allow you to easily customize the size, shape, and style of your product line.

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Use imported Raw Materials

Our PE、UV、FR materials are imported from reliable suppliers. This enables us to obtain top-rated raw materials and maintain consistent high quality across wholesale artificial trees.

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Strict Quality Control

DYartificial silk trees wholesale undergo quality assurance measures to ensure compliance with international standards such as BSCI, Sedex, SGS, and anti-UV & flame-retardant requirements.

Group 44

Production capacity

Our advanced machinery and skilled experts enable us to have a high production capacity of over 12,000 artificial trees per month.

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Premium Service

We have experts available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries and queries. We also offer warranties on flame-retardant and anti-UV artificial bonsai trees wholesale.

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Strong Packing

Using five-layer compression-resistant cartons and special packing methods, we ensure your order is safe during transit and allow for 3-5 sqm of more artificial trees.

High Productivity.
How Fake Tree Wholesale Orders are Handled by DYartificial

Through tested and trusted production processes in our well-equipped factory, we produce and supply quality faux plants & trees, such as artificial bonsai plants wholesale, to clients worldwide.

Mold Making

Mold Making

We create artificial tree molds based on drawings detailing the size, shape, and design of the products. Custom molds are made with your product line specifications.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Utilizing molds and high-end machines, wholesale artificial trees are mass-produced. We use anti-UV and fire-resistant materials during production to obtain products with essential protective features.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

After mass production, branches and leaves are stuck to the stem of the silk trees, and the assembled products are made ready for loading and shipping.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Your bulk order of artificial bonsai trees wholesale are professionally loaded to contain more. Afterward, they are shipped through our logistics partners.

Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Artificial Trees

Product Quantity

The quantity you can get at a goal is important. Our MOQ is one 20’ container. While 90% of our requests are full container orders, we also accept less than full container (LCL) orders.
40hq container artificial plants to canada (4)

Product Quality

As the top supplier of artificial plants wholesale, the quality of the fake trees determines their durability. We use premium, imported quality materials for production selected based on their UV protective and fire-proof properties. compared with our peers, we are fireproof for the whole baht of fake trees. Our QC measures help us maintain compliance with global standards. Our QC measures help us maintain compliance with global standards.

tkcb 42 180cm height artificial bay laurel column tree outdoor b


Packaging improves safety during delivery. We pack fake trees wholesale in bulk using five-layer compression-resistant cartons. And it takes 2 more hours to load the container, our strong packing methods ensure the safety of your order and its packaging during transportation.
40HQ container artificial big trees to QATAR

Turnaround Time

How soon would your order be completed? While most of our competitors have a lead time of 2-3 months, DYartificial completes your order and ships within 40 days.

dyartificial Injection Molding Machine Produce Leaves

Supplementary Products

All your plant accessories should be in sync. Buy from a manufacturer that offers a one-stop solution to artificial plant and tree products

. DYartificial supplies various supplementary items, such as pots and topiary animals.

tpo 10 11.5cm 19cm 27.5cm nice flower pots fiberglass planter 4

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