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Fake plants have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their durability and low maintenance. Artificial greenery has circulated all sectors, including homes, gardens, offices, commercial parks, weddings, etc., as people are searching for plants that are easy to care for and maintain over a long period of time.

Nowadays, many people are realizing that fake plants are great options for outdoor greenery too. No need for pruning, watering, fertilization, or pest control, yet they remain vibrant and stunning. But can you put artificial plants outside and see them survive considering the factors they will be exposed to? This question and many more like: can you put fake flowers outside, do artificial plants fade in the sun, will be answered in this article.

Why You Need to Put Fake Plants Outside

Nothing attracts the eye in an empty, barren landscape. But with a little greenery, like plants, flowers, some color and charm the whole space can be turned around to be aesthetically pleasing. Deciding to grow a small garden on it can be quite demanding, as you’d have to dedicate time daily to care for it. Also, due to the exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and foot traffic, they tend to fade, wilt, and break, which destroys all your hard work.

Fake plants for outdoors are your workaround. This is especially true for those who may not have a green thumb or who live in areas where extreme weather conditions can damage or kill live plants. Additionally, artificial plants are customizable, allowing you to have the perfect sizes, colors, and specifications of plants and flowers that blend with your space décor.

Can You Put Fake Plants Outside

If you have pressing questions like: can artificial plants be used outside or can you put fake plants outside ? The answer is YES. However, it’s important to choose products that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor-rated artificial plants are typically made from materials that are resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV) and are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, such as rain, wind, and direct sunlight.

Can Artificial Flowers be Used Outside

Yes, artificial flowers can be used outside, but again, it’s important to choose products that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Only use flowers that are labeled as UV-resistant and weather-resistant, as these will be able to withstand exposure to the harsh elements over time.

Fake flowers can be a great way to add color and beauty to outdoor spaces without the need for ongoing maintenance, and they can be used in a variety of settings, including in flower beds, in hanging baskets, and on patios and decks. When using artificial flowers outside, it’s important to periodically clean them to remove dirt and debris to maintain their appearance.

What Kind of Artificial Plants Can be Put Outside

After answering the question, can fake plants be put outside and having highlighted that not all can be used outdoors, it’s paramount to elaborate on the options that are most suitable.

Below are the 4 major kinds of wholesale fake plants that can be used outside.

  • Artificial Outdoor Plants UV Protected: This type of artificial plants are made with special materials that have UV protection built into them. During the manufacturing stage, the raw materials are mixed with the UV protective agents, which makes them capable of withstanding sun damage, resulting in a significantly increased lifespan. This is a great option if you need a plant that you won’t be replacing for a long time.
  • Fire-Retardant Artificial Plants: This type of fake plants are made with special materials that have fire-resistant particles built in them. During production, the flame-retardant elements are mixed with the raw materials, which makes them capable of preventing enormous fire outbreak. This is very useful in homes with infants and elderly people, as well as commercial buildings.
  • UV-Sprayed Artificial Plants: For this kind rather than having the UV protection built into the raw materials, they are sprayed on the plants after production. These fake plants are treated with a coating of UV protecting elements by the manufacturer. However, you need to re-treat them with a UV protectant spray from time to time (advisably 6 months), to retain their resistance against sun damage.
  • Weather-Resistant Fake Plants: They are manufactured to be resistant to weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow. However, they are not very much safe from UV rays, which makes them incapable of standing against sun damage. This can result in dry, brittle leaves with faded colors. However, you can increase the service life of these plants by treating the with UV protection sprays from time to time.

Tips for Putting Fake Plants and Flowers Outside

Another question that comes to mind after, can I put fake plants outside will probably be how to assemble them to look like real plants and how to make them survive. Discussed below are tips you can incorporate to take full advantage of fake plants.

  • Consider placement: Think about where you want to place your artificial plants and flowers outside. Consider factors such as the amount of sunlight the area receives and whether the plants will be exposed to wind, rain, or other environmental factors.
  • Use proper containers and planters: When planting fake plants outside, make sure to use planters that are appropriate for outdoor use. Use containers made from durable materials such as resin, ceramic, or metal, and consider using weighted bases to prevent plants from tipping over in high winds. You can even add some fresh soil with a few drops of water at the bottom to look ultra-realistic.
  • Combine fake plants and real plants: Mixing both fake and real plants makes the overall greenery look authentic, as it becomes more unpredictable to identify the fake plants. Fake plants’ splash of color and tones add more beauty to the space. This tip can also be used to make a garden more lively and full.
  • Supplementary accessories: Other accessories like garden lanterns and lights, stools, signs, etc., can be integrated into the fake plants design to make them hyper-realistic.
  • Clean regularly: While outdoor fake plants can last long without damage, they tend to accumulate dirt and debris. To keep them looking their best, it’s important to periodically clean them using a soft brush or cloth and a mild detergent solution or water.

Contact DYartificial to Get Artificial Outdoor Plants UV Protected

DYArtificial is a leading artificial plants factory that has been in operation for over two decades, amassing years of experience in supplying UV protected fake plants. The plants are made to look exactly like their counterparts and designed to last long despite exposure to harsh conditions. With a wide range of expertise, we make various artificial plants, including flowers, trees, topiary hedges, etc.

Having a 20,000m² factory, 4 production lines, and two brother companies that focus on Artificial Plant Wall Panels and Fiberglass Planters, we serve as a one-stop service provider, offering professional solutions to all fake plant demands. 

All our products are made of 100% new PE materials and are put through various inspections and tests to ensure they are functional and durable. DYartificial fake plants are UV-resistant and fire-retardant, which means that for a long time, you won’t have reasons to replace them. We are focused on delivering quality products and enhancing the ambiance of any space. You can contact us today to get started.

FAQs for Outside Fake Plants

Aside from can artificial plants be used outdoors, these are some other related questions to the use of fake plants outside.

  • How Long Do Artificial Plants Last Outside?

Even though fake plants are designed to be used outside, that doesn’t mean they are invincible to damage at some later stage. It depends on the kind of artificial plant, which could be either UV protected, fire retardant, UV sprayed, or weather-resistant. At DYartificial, we manufacture and supply UV-protected and fire-retardant artificial plants that are guaranteed to not fade due to any reason for 3 years nor flammable for 2 years.

  • Do Artificial Plants Fade in the Sun?

Some kinds of artificial plants like weather-resistant options that are made to withstand changes like rain, wind, and snow tend to fade in the sun. Also, plants that are sprayed with UV protectants tend to get affected over time i.e., after the protection has washed away.

With advances in technology, artificial plants are created to look incredibly natural and can add color and texture to any outdoor space. To create a beautiful garden, use a mix of different types of plants to create depth and interest. Add some flowers, shrubs, trees, rocks, and boulders to elevate the beauty and diversity of the landscape. However, do not forget that only fake plants designed for outdoor purposes can be used.

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