Wholesale Artificial Palm Trees

DYartificial is known for manufacturing indoor and outdoor artificial palm trees. No matter what your project is, we can meet your need.

UV & Fire Retardant.

Wholesale Artificial Palm Trees Available in DYartificial

As a global artificial plant supplier, providing more than 50 countries with wholesale artificial silk palm trees (both indoor and outdoor), we make use of the best materials for production, so our artificial palm trees are not like the typical fake palm trees on the market.

DYartificial indoor and outdoor artificial palm trees are designed to replicate live plants. The best part is that they are custom built according to your design specifications and they are very cheap with no need for maintenance.

Fully Customized Artificial Palm Trees Wholesale

DYartificial is the worldwide custom builder of the highest quality of artificial palm trees for outdoors and indoors. We serve as a one-stop solution provider, offering personalized satisfaction to every wholesale artificial palm tree demand.

Artificial Palm Trees Size

Our fake palm trees are produced in varying lengths, width, and base. They can be in tiny, small, or large sizes.

Fake Palm Trees Thickness

The leaves and branches of the faux palm trees gracefully sway with the breeze, as they rustle in the wind. The density of the leaves and branches can be personalized.
DYL-10 Premium Artificial New Fan Palm Tree 220CM Indoor

Artificial Palms Shape

The wholesale silk palm trees are customized to have any shape you want. They can also have more than one stem.

Fake Palms Application

With imported UV and FR materials, our wholesale artificial palm trees are manufactured for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. They can withstand wind, sun, fire, snow, ice, humidity, and other extreme conditions.

Global Quality Standards.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Silk Palm Tree

DYartificial is a professional and dedicated wholesale artificial plant manufacturer to partner with for your indoor and outdoor artificial palm tree projects. We offer so many classy benefits that will put your business ahead of others.


Artificial Palm Tree Wholesale for Your Business Project

Fake palms are used for so many applications because of their touch of nature, aesthetics, and relaxation. With our artificial palms available, including artificial plants for balcony, you will get many options perfect for your business project.

Artificial Palm Tree for Gardens

Artificial Palm Tree for Gardens

Skillfully crafted to be natural-looking with a botanical appearance, the wholesale artificial palm trees improves the garden décor and realness.

Fake Palm Trees for Pool Area

Fake Palm Trees for Pool Area

To further enhance the comfort and pleasure derived from swimming, outdoor fake palm trees for pool area make the area cool, and at the same time lifelike.

Outdoor Uses

Outdoor Uses

Artificial palm trees for outdoors make the environment brighter and welcoming. The ambiance of the space is transformed to be extremely captivating.

Indoor Decoration

Indoor Decoration

The indoor artificial palm tree brings the organic décor of the outside space inside. With this, the tropical design of the outside world is moved indoors.

Office and Commercial Project

Office and Commercial Project

The fire-retardant artificial palms enhance office and commercial settings with beautiful decorations that elevate the atmosphere and make people feel more relaxed.

Why Choose DYartificial for Your
Silk Palm Trees Wholesale Business

Established in 1998, DYartificial has over the years, gathered enough experience and technical know-how to meet artificial palm trees wholesale orders while offering other great services to help clients’ businesses.
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Wide custom options

The wholesale silk palm trees are available in different categories, including varying sizes, shapes, thickness, and applications.

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Use imported Raw Materials

The plastic palm trees raw materials are sourced from leading industry suppliers with a track record of immediate and quality supply. UV and FR materials guarantee fake pamls’ performance

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Strict Quality Control

To ensure that your artificial palm tree wholesale order is nothing short of the best, we implement various inspection processes that comply with global standards like the BSCI, Sedex, SGS, anti-UV, and fire-retardant standards.

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Production capacity

We have a large manufacturing factory, 4 functional production lines, and a team of experts that handles all artificial palm trees wholesale orders for optimal satisfaction.

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Premium Service

At DYartificial, we work round-the-clock. Our trained experts will provide you with the best solutions within the hour. If there is a problem with the fake palm trees, it can be returned for free.

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Strong Packing

Other companies use 3-layer of compression-resistant cartons for packaging, but we use 5-layers, which ensures the safety of your silk palm trees wholesale order during transit.

High Productivity.
How Artificial Palm Trees Wholesale Orders are Handled by DYartificial

Our ultimate goal is to provide greater value than what is available on the market. DYartificial artificial foliage wholesale plants are professional crafted to stand out, making sure that your business project is accomplished.

Mold Making

Mold Making

The first step involves our designers creating the perfect drawing that encapsulates all the silk palm tree wholesale specifications demanded.

Mass Production

Mass Production

With our state-of-the-art technology and imported PE materials, we commence mass production of the artificial palm tree in adherence with the desired specifications.

Sticking and Assembly

Sticking and Assembly

The different parts that make up the indoor and outdoor faux palm trees are perfectly assembled and prepared for delivery.

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

Efficient Loading and Timely Shipping

To complete the process, the fake palms are loaded in the containers efficiently, creating enough space to contain about 3-5 square meters of additional palms.

Things to Consider When Sourcing Fake Palm Tree in Bulk

40hq container artificial plants to canada (4)

Product Quantity

Confirm the minimum number of fake outdoor and artificial indoor palm trees you can order. At DYArtificial, we offer a minimum order quantity of one 20’ container, which allows both small and large scale businesses to meet their market demands. You can choose different artificial plants in this container.

Product Quality

Check if the manufacturer uses top-grade materials. We import high-quality PE materials mixed with UV-resistant and fire-retardant particles for the best performance and durability. The whole outdoor artificial palm tree is fire resistant, you don’t need to worry that it will lose the performance of fire protection and UV protection after being exposed to wind and rain.
dlvs 393 artificial monstera bush deliciosa 63cm length double green uv protected
dyartificial Injection Molding Machine Produce Leaves

Turnaround Time

How soon will your artificial palm trees wholesale order be delivered? While the industry’s turnaround time is 2-3 months, DYartificial completes production and delivers in the space of 40 days.

Supplementary Products

Does the supplier have other accessories needed? Do the accessories match the fake palms? We are an all-around supplier with a variety of supplementary products like pots, planters, moss, etc. that can be used with artificial palm trees.
tpo 10 11.5cm 19cm 27.5cm nice flower pots fiberglass planter 1

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