Faux trees have become a hot trend for sprucing up rooms without the fuss of real plant care. They bring a slice of the outdoors inside, instantly making any space more inviting and vibrant. They’re super easy to keep since they don’t need water, trimming, or any natural light, and they stay looking fresh year after year. Because they’re so budget-friendly and no-sweat to manage, they’re awesome for both homes and workplaces. With the huge variety out there, picking the perfect one might seem daunting. But no worries, we’ve whipped up a list of the top 7 faux trees that’ll really make your space pop with their faux foliage and elevate your home decor. From tropical palm trees to chic cypress, our picks span a bunch of different looks and tastes. We’ve made sure each choice is top-notch, so you get a faux tree that looks super real and fits right into your area. So if you’re aiming to bring a bit of zest to your lounge area or carve out a chill spot in your work zone, our blog post has got you covered with the best fake tree for nailing that vibe you’re after.

best faux trees

What Defines A Good Faux Tree?

key characteristicsDescription
RealismLifelike, detailed
Material QualityDurable, fade-resistant
ConstructionSturdy, stable
Ease of Assembly/StorageSimple, maintainable
Safety and Non-ToxicitySafe, non-toxic

Realistic Appearance

A top-notch fake tree should mirror the real thing, from the textures and hues of the leaves to the tree’s shape. Often, the best replicas use actual wood trunks or limbs and sport foliage that’s been crafted to fool the eye.

High-Quality Materials

The best faux plants are built to last, using materials that hold up against sunlight without fading and wear and tear over the years. You’ll find fabrics like silk, polyester, or high-end plastics in use. The tip-top ones don’t have that shiny, cheap plastic look.

Sturdy Construction

Any solid faux tree will stand firm, rooted with a hefty base to keep it from toppling over, and the limbs should be tough enough to handle ornaments for the trees that get dressed up, like artificial Christmas trees.

Ease of Assembly and Storage

If you’re dealing with a big faux tree, you’ll want to be able to set it up and take it down without a hassle. They usually come in pieces that snap together or come apart no sweat and should keep looking great even after you stow them away.

Safety and Non-Toxic

Choose faux trees made from stuff that’s all good for inside your home, especially if you’ve got kids or pets roaming around. Bonus points if the tree is also made from fire-retardant materials– that’s peace of mind, right there.

When you’re picking out a faux tree whether it’s palm tree, west elm, peace lily or eucalyptus, think about the spot where it’ll stand, how real you want it to seem, and how it fits with your room’s vibe. Scanning through reviews and taking advice can guide you to a tree that hits the mark for looks and quality.

Best Faux Big Trees

DYArtificial Customized Artificial Palm Tree with Palm Leaf

customized artificial palm tree with palm leaf
  • Dimensions: Any sizes from 3m to 15m
  • Plant Type: Palm Tree
  • Materials: High-quality silk for leaves, durable inner steel for the trunk

Check out this awesome faux palm tree that looks just like the real deal! It towers with a sleek, strong trunk featuring textures that are a dead ringer for the knobby surface of a real palm. The trunk sports a natural-looking mix of brown and soft red hues that you’d totally believe were the real thing if you felt them, including the bark. They’ve got that rugged touch, mimicking what you’d expect from a wild tropical palm.

Above, the fronds burst into a cool, green umbrella of leaves. Each leaf is crafted with top-notch stuff that nabs the vibrant green shades of a live palm. The leaves show off lifelike veins and contours, bending and swaying just right, without giving up on strength. And guess what? You can ditch the watering can and shears because this tree doesn’t need any kind of maintenance, and there are no bugs in sight- a total win for those decorating spaces or planning events.

This artificial palm is perfect for greenifying indoor spots- think hotel lobbies, office entryways, or just your living room. Plus, it’s a hit for parties or for creating that beach or island mood, all without the fuss of real plants.

Even cooler, you can make this palm tree your own. Change up how tall it is, how bushy the fronds are, or even mess with the colors to get it just right for your space.

This faux palm is the real deal for any decor scheme. It doesn’t drop leaves when seasons change or crave sunlight, making it a keeper in any setting. More than just a prop, this palm is a piece of art that tosses in some tropical vibes without any of the work.

DYArtificial 250CM Height Customized Artificial Pine Tree

250cm height customized artificial pine tree
  • Dimensions: Customized Size
  • Plant Type: Pine Tree
  • Materials: Premium synthetic materials for foliage, real wood for the trunk

Here we’ve got a crafted faux Pine Tree that towers at a neat 250cm tall, which is popular on Instagram. Crafted with attention to detail, the makers have made sure each needle looks just like the real deal, with spot-on colors and texture. They’ve used the best synthetic stuff out there, so it stays looking good all year round and takes a beating, no problem.

They’ve got the leafy look just right – nice and full but not too packed, so you still get a cool light pattern through the branches. The needles are all set in a way that makes the tree look like it naturally grew that way, making it look super real.

This fake pine sits on a strong, dark base that keeps it from tipping over and fits right in with all kinds of room styles. You can even plunk it into planters that go with whatever look you’re rocking, from super sleek mod vibes to a more down-home country feel.

You won’t have to fuss over this tree; no need to water it, trim it, or worry about getting enough sun. It’s perfect for inside spots that don’t get much light or for folks wanting some green without the hassle of caring for live indoor plants. Plus, it’s better for the planet, ’cause you’re not cutting down actual trees or messing up the real soil.

This tree isn’t just for looking pretty in big spaces like office entryways, malls, or wide halls. It’s also great for jazzing up holiday decor or setting the scene in plays and stuff. It adds a chill slice of nature to city spots like fancy hotels, high-end restaurants, or even in homes where you want that year-round green feel.

Best Indoor Faux Trees

DYArtificial 120CM Wood Trunk Ficus Tree

tcp 127r premium 120cm wood trunk ficus tree indoor
tcp 127r premium 120cm wood trunk ficus tree indoor
  • Dimensions: 120cm in height
  • Plant Type: Ficus
  • Materials: Silk leaves, natural wood trunk

This amazing 120CM Wood Trunk Ficus Tree is the perfect indoor tree that brings a piece of the outdoors inside, with zero upkeep needed. Standing around 4 feet tall, this tree works great as a decorative element in your living room, a hallway, or jazzing up your office space, adding a dash of elegance and a warm vibe.

The ficus sports a solid, beautifully made wooden trunk that looks just like the real thing. It’s got that twisted, natural look that you’d see in a real ficus, showing off the kind of lifelike details that make it stand out. This care for detail doesn’t stop at the trunk- the leaves are bright, shiny green, and their slight differences in color mimic how light plays on leaves out in the wild. Crafted from top-notch materials, the leaves are sturdy, keep their color well, and you can bend them to fit the style of any room.

It sits in a stylish black pot that’s filled with brown clay pebbles, adding to the tree’s authentic look. The pot’s got some weight to it, which keeps the tree standing tall and stops it from tipping over- great when you’ve got a busy spot, pets, or kids around.

The ficus is super versatile, fitting right into many different spots. It’s fantastic for adding a touch of nature to your home, especially if you’re into a clean, modern look. At work, it can help you feel more relaxed, which could help you focus better and stress less. Plus, it’s an awesome pick for adding greenery to events like weddings or company gatherings, creating a welcoming atmosphere without the worry of the leaves drooping.

DYArtificial 90CM Height Premium Areca Palm Indoor

  • Dimensions: 90cm in height
  • Plant Type: Areca Palm
  • Materials: Durable, high-quality plastic for leaves, sturdy base for stability

This top-notch 90cm artificial Areca Palm is a spitting image of the real deal, crafted to inject some tropical vibes into your indoor spaces minus the upkeep. Every leaf is made with superb care, to look just like the fluffy, green fronds of an actual Areca palm. The shades of green on the leaves are subtly diverse, giving it a really authentic look. The plant comes in a stylish and durable ceramic pot, making it a perfect addition to any home decor.

At a neat 90cm tall, this fake Areca palm is just right for smaller spots where a big palm might be too much. It’s got enough fronds to make a solid visual impact, perfect for adding a bit of life to those bare corners or making a statement in your living room, entrance hall, or office. It’s compact enough for tables or front desks too, where it’ll give off a friendly vibe but won’t take over the show.

The palm comes in a basic black pot that’s easy to work with- you can keep it as is or pop it into a fancy pot that fits your style. The pot size is great for moving it around without any hassle, letting you switch up your space’s look whenever you feel like it.

This faux Areca Palm is a godsend for folks who love plants but just don’t have the time or green thumb to look after them. It’s a winner for busy bees, folks who are always on the move, or anyone who wants a bit of green without the work. Plus, if you’re allergic to pollen or plant dirt, this palm’s a breath of fresh air because it won’t set off your allergies.

Use-wise, this artificial palm is super flexible. It can cozy up places like hotels and restaurants, bring a relaxed feel to medical centers, and add some green charm to shops. Since it’s built tough, it can handle busy spots no problem and stay fresh-looking all year round.

No matter if you’re sprucing up a sleek modern flat, a cozy office, or a sun-drenched conservatory, this chic faux Areca Palm is an easy-peasy way to jazz up your indoors with that classic natural beauty.

Best Faux Trees for Outdoor Use

DYArtificial NEW Artificial Cypress Spiral Tree

  • Dimensions: 90cm in height
  • Plant Type: Cypress Spiral
  • Usage: Outdoor UV Protected or Fire Retardant

Standing at a neat 90CM, this brand-new Artificial Cypress Spiral Tree adds a pop of permanent green class to any spot, without the hassle or upkeep of a real tree. It’s built tough to withstand the great outdoors, sporting UV-proof leaves that stay a brilliant green even in strong sunlight.

The tree’s nifty spiral shape takes after the fancy work of topiary, commanding eyes to take in its complex beauty. Each little bundle of leaves is made with care for an authentic look and feel that’ll have you second-guessing if it’s fake. Anchored in a sleek black pot, this tree is a breeze to set up anywhere, and switching it into different pots is a snap, ensuring it fits right in, no matter the decor style.

Perfect for homes or businesses, this fake cypress spiral works like a charm at entryways, on patios, or any outdoor spot in need of some green vibes. It’s spot on for busy folks or companies that can’t fuss with real greenery, and anyone who sniffs at pollen will breathe easy around it.

What’s more, this faux cypress is a real win for party planners and decorators aiming to make a swanky impression at weddings, corporate events, or any big do. Stand it solo, or mix and match with other fake plants for a lush, varied vibe. You’ll get that fresh garden look all year long, no green thumb needed.

DYArtificial 90CM Height Fresh Green Artificial Cypress Tree

  • Dimensions: 90cm in height
  • Plant Type: Cypress
  • Materials: Fire-resistant and UV protected materials for foliage and branches

This 90CM tall fake Cypress Tree really nails the look of a real one with its spot-on green leaves and that classic cone shape everyone recognizes. It’s made from top-notch stuff so the deep green shade looks just like an actual cypress. Plus, it’s built to stand up to UV rays and it’s fireproof, which means you can stick it outside without worrying about it losing its color or being a safety hazard on your deck, patio, or even if you’re sprucing up a shopfront.

They’ve been super careful to get different greens in there and a variety of leaf sizes to make it just like the real deal. It’s got this solid trunk that keeps it standing tall, giving off vibes of strength and an elegant look that just doesn’t go out of style. It comes in a simple black pot which makes it super easy to drop into any fancy planter and match it to whatever design you’ve got going on outside.

This artificial cypress is perfect for anyone who loves plants but doesn’t have the time or can’t manage to keep them alive. It’s great for busy folks, people who sneeze like crazy around plants, or anyone who wants some green in their life without the hassle. The fact that it’s fireproof is a big win, especially in business places where they’ve got strict safety rules.

You can put this tree pretty much anywhere, in homes or business spots. It’ll look great by your front door, along pathways, or as a pop of nature against too much concrete. Unlike real plants that fade and wither, this one will keep looking fresh season after season.

So, whether it’s dressing up your home, making an office terrace feel more inviting, or jazzing up an event, this artificial cypress tree is all about bringing some low-maintenance nature vibes wherever it goes.

DYArtificial 60CM Outdoor UV Protection Artificial Olive Tree 83 Leaves

tkco 38 60cm outdoor uv protection artificial olive tree 83 leaves
  • Dimensions: 60cm in height
  • Plant Type: Olive Tree
  • Materials: UV protected silk leaves, durable branches, and olives for a realistic appearance

Standing just 60cm tall, this artificial Olive Tree is perfect for adding a splash of green to small spaces without taking over. Each leaf is carefully made to look just like the real deal, with a classic olive leaf shape and soft green color that seems to bring the tree to life. With attention to detail like vein patterns and shades of green, the leaves look incredibly real.

The tree isn’t just leaves, though – it’s also got these cute little olives. They’re dark and shiny, looking like they’re just starting to get ripe, which adds to the real-tree vibes.

The trunk and branches look tough and aged, blending shades of ash gray and subdued brown. They’re all gnarly and twisted, which gives the impression that the tree’s seen a lot and is still standing strong, much like actual olive trees that last for years.

Plus, this fake Olive Tree’s made to withstand the outdoors, with UV protection to stop it from losing its color in the sun. It’s all set in a simple, black plastic pot that keeps it steady, and you can plop it into a fancier pot if that’s more your style.

Whether you want to cozy up a patio, make a balcony feel more alive, or add some natural flair to your living space or workspace, this Artificial Olive Tree is a no-fuss way to get that Mediterranean vibe. It’s easy to move around, so you can switch up your decor whenever you want, and it looks great on its own or with other plants for a more jungle-y feel. This tree is a solid pick for anyone looking to add some green to their space, whether it’s a home or a business, giving off a classic look and a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

How To Make Your Fake Tree Look Real?

Careful Placement:

  • Place your artificial tree where the sunbeams can hit it, like a window. It tricks the eye into believing it’s basking in the same light as a real one.
  • Find a cozy nook or spot that seems like it could support a live plant – a place where temps and light feel just right to make your tree seem more legit.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Grab a soft rag or a duster now and then to dust it off, so the leaves stay nice and bright. It keeps your tree looking spunky and its colors popping.
  • A gentle wipe with a damp cloth now and then can give your leaves that “just rained on” freshness.

DIY: Adding Natural Elements to Enhance Realism:

  • Stick some actual dirt in the pot to fake it into seeming like it’s got real roots.
  • Toss a few rocks or little stones on top of the dirt for a more outdoorsy vibe.
  • Dabbing on some real moss around the base steps up that fresh, lifelike look – it’s all about the green and the rough feel of the moss.

Extra Decorations and Adjustments:

  • Why not wrap the trunk in thin, decorative vines or supports for an extra believable touch?
  • Give those branches and leaves a little shuffle every so often to look like they’re growing naturally. Keep it a bit messy – too tidy and it screams “fake!”

By following these comprehensive steps, your artificial plant will not only look closer to a real plant visually but also become a highlight of your interior decoration, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home environment.


The allure of best faux trees lies in their ability to infuse our spaces with the timeless beauty of nature minus the maintenance. From the lush, tropical fronds of a palm tree to the sturdy, evergreen presence of a pine, these artificial wonders offer a practical yet beautiful solution to interior and exterior decor. As we embrace these nearly natural creations, we find that the line between the artificial and the real continues to blur, bringing us closer to nature in our everyday lives.

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