The living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in our home, a place used to entertain guests and relax, showcasing our unique style and preferences. In this space, every object and decoration is a blend of practicality and beauty, and even more so when choosing fake plants. Read this article about choosing fake plants for your living room for inspiration.

The Rise of Artificial Greenery in Modern Decor

Artificial plants become more and more popular among homeowners.  Picture your living room, decorated with a faux fig tree, its leaves casting gentle shadows, setting a peaceful mood. One faux tree there can make a big difference. 

The trend of incorporating faux greenery into the modern living room is obvious. These faux plants suit various home decor styles. Whether you’re leaning towards a traditional vibe or a more contemporary look, the right artificial plant can truly elevate your space. It’s no wonder they’ve become a top pick for many. Their evergreen nature, with least care, offers a consistent touch of nature for our living room.

Why Opt for Fake Trees in the Living Room?

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Investing in real trees for your living room might seem like a great idea initially. However, the hidden costs of the real thing can quickly add up. From specialized fertilizers to pest control measures, the maintenance of live plant can be both time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, the delicate balance of sunlight, water, and care can sometimes lead to wilting of these natural plants. On the other hand, artificial trees require a one-time investment and minimal upkeep. They remain evergreen, without the need for constant attention, some are even uv resistant, making them a cost-effective choice for the long way.

Allergy-Free and Pet-Friendly Options

Safety and health are paramount when it comes to our homes. Real plants, while beautiful, can sometimes be a source of allergens or attract insects that might cause discomfort. The pollen from some plants can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Moreover, curious pets might nibble on real plants, some of which can be toxic if ingested. Artificial plants eliminate these concerns. They don’t release pollen, nor do they attract pests. This ensures a safe environment for both your family and pets, allowing you to enjoy the beauty without the worries.

Malleable Shapes for Customized Decor

One of the unique advantages of some artificial plants is their adaptability. Their branches can be bent and shaped to fit specific decorative visions. Want a plant that arches gracefully over your reading nook? Or perhaps you desire a tree that spreads out, filling a larger space in your living room? With artificial plants, you have the flexibility to mold and shape them to your liking, ensuring they complement your decor perfectly. This adaptability allows for a personalized touch, making your living space truly unique.

Factors to Consider When Buying Fake Trees for living room

Size and Proportions

There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing artificial plants for your living room. The most important thing would be size and proportion, so measure your space before buying artificial plants. Larger living rooms will suit larger plants, but generally no more than two-thirds of the ceiling height. If you want to decorate some parts of the living room like a bookshelf or coffee table, small or medium-sized potted plants will be ideal. Artificial hanging plant like hanging fern is also a good choice for many spaces.

Materials and workmanship

The material of artificial plants is also important. Choose faux trees made of polyethylene and polyester which perfectly make the texture and appearance of real plants. And these materials are non-toxic and easy to clean, making them ideal for families, especially those with children and pets. Other materials like silk plant is elegant but might be more difficult to clean.

Choose fake plants according to Feng Shui

Different faux plants represent different elements. In Feng Shui, balancing these elements in your living space brings positive energy. Whether it’s to enhance creativity or enhance relationships, there’s an artificial plant to meet your needs. So when you choose artificial plants, think about what elements you need and choose accordingly.

10 Best Fake Trees for Living Rooms: Detailed Reviews

To choose the best faux trees for your living room, you need to take consideration. If you have a problem finding one, here is a list of recommendations for different living rooms.

TypesName of PlantReviews
Suit for bigger living roomsArtificial Ficus TreeA classic choice with waxy leaves and a robust trunk. Perfect alongside modern furniture, it adds a natural touch to spacious living rooms.
Banana Leaf PlantIts broad leaves scream tropical elegance. A vibrant choice, it’s perfect for making a bold statement in larger spaces.
Olive TreeDream of the Mediterranean with this tree. Its slender leaves and olives set a sunny, relaxed mood, ideal for reading corners in expansive rooms.
Artificial Palm TreeThis tree brings beach vibes indoors. Especially striking near windows, it’s a tropical treat for any spacious living area.
Artificial Bird of ParadiseA showstopper with dramatic leaves, it adds an exotic touch, making it a centerpiece in bigger rooms.
For smaller spaceFiddle Leaf FigsSleek and modern, with its vibrant green leaves,  this plant is a minimalist’s dream. It brightens up dark corners, making it perfect for smaller spaces.
Artificial Agave PlantEdgy and modern, this plant stands out. Its unique silhouette makes it a head-turner in cozy settings.
Artificial Lavender PlantEvoking sunny fields, its soft purple blooms add a touch of romance. Ideal for windowsills in compact rooms.
Eucalyptus in a VaseFresh and subtle, it’s a versatile choice. Perfect for coffee tables or reading nooks in smaller spaces.
SucculentsSmall but stylish, they’re versatile and trendy. Perfect for shelves or tables, they take just inches to add a green touch to tight spaces.

Styling Tips for Displaying Fake Trees

Good Spot for Placing Fake Plants:

Start with the entryway. It’s the first impression maker for any room. Pop an olive tree there, and you’ll be greeted with a relaxed vibe every time you walk in. Then, there are those lonely living room corners. A tall fake plant, maybe a banyan tree or a bird of paradise, can make them come alive.

Ever thought about the window? That’s a good place for setting up a faux plant. With direct sunlight hitting it, even an artificial palm tree can seem lifelike, giving your space a touch of the outdoors.

Your TV stand and coffee table aren’t to be overlooked either. Imagine a snake plant chilling next to your TV. It’s refreshing when you’re binge-watching, giving your eyes some nature to rest on. And for that sometimes-empty coffee table? Jazz it up! A few succulents or a classy eucalyptus in a vase can make all the difference.

Pairing with Other Decor Elements

Mixing in fake greens with your other decor, like art pieces and rugs, can seriously switch up your living room’s mood. If your living room had holiday elements, throw in some artificial banana leaves or a pretend palm, and suddenly, it’s like a beach house vibe in there. Pick a faux plant that feels right for your home style and decorations.

Finding the Perfect Pot

Finding the right pot for your plant can help your fake plants fit the style of your living room. For example, wicker planters are great for planting casual plants like fake rubber plants. Want something polished? Ceramic pots are where it’s at. They’ve got this refined thing going on, making an olive tree look exquisite. But hey, if quirky is your style, plastic planters or diy planters with their zany colors and designs might just be your jam. Perfect for a splash of fun in any living space.


The living room is where we unwind and entertain. It’s the soul of our home. And what better way to freshen it up than with some faux greenery? Explore the world of artificial plants, and pick the best fake plants for living room to make your space truly come alive. It’s a simple try that can make a huge difference.

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