Decorating your space with plants is important if you want an abode that’s comfortable, refreshing, uplifting, and looks natural. In this case, real plants are sometimes recommended, but this may not be a suitable option for a person who is often busy and doesn’t have spare time to take care of plants.

Investing in fake plants is the best option. And this comes with benefits like low maintenance and ease of cleaning. However, some people claim that fake plants are tacky. We will find out in this article.

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So, are fake plants tacky?

An object is said to be tacky when it looks shabby, cheap, nasty, and not fashionable. Some fake plants look tacky, especially when they are extremely cheap and made of low-quality materials. Hence, why you need to buy from a reliable artificial plant factory with a track record of quality.

Cheap, fake plants are definitely not manufactured with high-grade materials that possess outstanding properties like durability and resistance to harsh conditions. As a result of this, their quality becomes compromised fast. While at first glance, they look great, with time, they depreciate extremely fast.

Why Some Artificial Plants Look Tacky

Having answered the question; are artificial plants tacky? The next thing is to find out the causes.

Now, why are faux plants tacky?

  • Putting the plants in unnatural places: There are certain places that fake plants shouldn’t be put. This includes a dark, windowless hallway or under the sun. These environments will deteriorate the quality of the plants, making them lifeless. However, DYartificial’s fake plants bulk solutions include resistance to sunlight and fire.
  • Skipping the repotting process: When fake plants are everly forsaken, they lose their original greenery look. You need to repot them, add some soil, and personalize them to fit into your home aesthetics. If the faux plants are set and forgotten, they will become tacky.
  • Buying too many artificial plants: A room full of fake plants distorts the intention of adding beauty and greenery to the space. As a result of this, the room loses its luster and ambiance. The best approach is to mix the artificial plants with real plants. This will prevent the fakeness of the plants from showing as the real plants will complement them.

How to Decorate Fake Plants to Prevent Tackiness

After finding out that fake plants can be tacky and discovering the causes, the next agenda is to find a solution. Below are how fake plants can be decorated to prevent tackiness.

Add Varying Petals or Leaves

The petals and leaves of the fake plants should have a feel of realness. Nature doesn’t create plant petals and leaves to be identical; they are always uneven. Therefore, to make your artificial plants look real and untacky, make sure they are not completely perfect with their dimensions. You can trim them to be irregular.

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Incorporate Natural-looking Stems and Trunks

Another preventive way is to make your plant stems and trunks look natural. If you will be displaying your artificial plants alongside their stems and trunks, ensure that they have slightly different color tones. Some could be slightly green, while others are dark green. This makes your plant collection look more natural, elegant, and less shabby.

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Use a Fancy Container

It’s essential to use containers, planters, and pots that are of high-quality and match up with the space’s décor. Also, the size of the container is a crucial factor. When mixed with real plants and the real plants grow, you don’t want to have them in a small planter. This results in the plants spreading to the floor, making the whole room look shabby. And if the planter is too big while the plants are small, the room’s decoration becomes imbalanced. Thus, change your containers as the plants grow.

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Choose Beautiful Colors

Before selecting the artificial plants to buy, color must be considered. Fake plants last for a very long time, meaning that their selection must be spot-on to effectively serve their purpose. Some fake plants have dull and lacking colors, while some fake plant colors can be too vibrant and far off from the natural appearance of real plants.

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Create a Beautiful Arrangement

Any space is destined to become more beautiful with the inclusion of plants. But the right decoration layout must be employed if not the whole design will be a disaster. Also, there are different types of plants and some just seem perfect for some locations. For example, there are a number of best houseplants for your living room. While these plants are beautiful and radiant, they won’t serve the same purpose as commercial artificial plants outdoors.

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Tips to Make Faux Plants Closer to Nature

Regardless of how well the idea of using fake plants is painted, it isn’t the same as real plants. But there are tips to make artificial plants look more natural and organic. They are discussed below:

Buy Good Quality Fake Plants

The best products are made with good quality materials. To make your faux plants closer to nature, you must ensure that they are manufactured with high-grade materials that are capable of resisting harsh conditions and last for a long time. Also, the color, shape, and size must be natural-looking. For plants, imperfection is a thing; the dimensions don’t have to be perfect. This makes them more organic.


Another great tip is the price of the plant. While you might want to save money and go for fake plants that are cheap, the fact remains that quality production requires expenses which might be on the high side sometimes. So, the overall cost of production might be high, resulting in the cost of plants to be quite expensive. Don’t always choose low-cost artificial plants. Oftentimes, they are made with low-quality materials.

Display the Plants in the Right Position

You need to be strategic about the locations you put your faux plants. Placing the plants in ugly and dark corners where there is no light is one of the quickest ways to make them tacky. Rather, they should be placed in areas where they will get enough light and breathing space. This makes them look and feel more natural. For example, artificial plants for offices should be placed in noticeable parts of the building that’s exposed to air.

Add Natural Elements

Another great tip is to include natural and fundamental elements like polished pebbles, soil, and moss to the base of the planter. The plants become naturally blessed and beautiful with these components. For example, if you invest in an artificial cactus with thick or woody stems, flowers and plants can be added to inject color and soften the appearance.

Keep them Clean

The most basic method to make fake plants look more natural is cleaning them. Artificial plants are not like real ones that require frequent cleaning and maintenance, however, they still accumulate dust and dirt. Cleaning the plants makes them look fresh and authentic.


Against the popular opinion that fake plants are tacky, they can be prevented. In this post, we’ve highlighted reasons why people ask the question, are fake plants tacky, as well as their causes and solutions.

At DYartificial, we believe that if you are buying artificial plants, they must look real, otherwise it’s a waste of resources. Hence, why we use quality materials that are combined with UV-resistant and flame-retardant particles to make the plants extremely durable and withstand harsh conditions like sunlight and fire.

Our artificial plants are manufactured with high-grade materials, making them not to get tacky despite the conditions they are exposed to. Are you ready to beautify your space with these ultra-realistic and durable fake plants? Contact us today for an inexpensive quote.

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